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Carla's presentation

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Carla's presentation

First, Rome became over populated with in many people. There was many people coming to that city from different states and country's. Many people come to Brazil by the minute. Just like Rome. This paragraph is Social.
Economic :@
Last, Rome governors forced the conquered people to pay high taxes. The government is running low on money and people are having a hard time buying things then need to live. This paragraph talks about Economics.
Conclusion :)
Topic Sentence :$
Political :!
Next, Lots of people where losing there homes because of high taxes. In Venezuela people don't have money to maintain there homes. The President said he was going to do something about the housing problem but, he didn't. This paragraph is Political.
In this essay I'm explaining how Rome,Venezuela and Brazil have there own Social, Political and Economic problems. But first let me explain what Social, Political and Economic are. Social, is when you talk about people, news and community's. Political explains government, presidents and people.Economic explains only money. Know we can start. :)
All in all, Rome, Venezuela and Brazil are all the same because they have each others problems such as over populated city and there governors don't care about them. They both need money for all sorts of different situation. That was my essay.
the world cup
the flag
something in Venezuela
the flag
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