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Marxist Critical Theory: 1984

No description

Ivan Lee

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Marxist Critical Theory: 1984

Marxist Critical Theory: 1984
Materialist interpretation
Historical development
Social change
Class relation/conflict
Karl Marx: The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital
Applied to many subject, no real definitive theory
Social Institutions
Classes: Proles and the Party (Inner and Outer)
Social Institutions:Junior Anti-Sex League and Nature Hikes

Marxian Economics focus on labor based system of value
Pro laborer
Mafia: 1984 Edition Roles
Sleeps during the night, they have no voting power.
Outer party-
Sleeps during the night, they have voting power to accuse others.
Winston (Detective, 1 Player)-
Chooses 1 person to investigate and discover their role at night.
Julia (Doctor, 1 Player)-
Chooses 1 person to protect from a possible attack at night.
O'Brien (Role Blocker, 1 Player)-
Works with Big Brother and nullifies the ability of a player for a night.
Big Brother (Godfather, 1 Player)-
Works with O'Brien to kill 1 person every night.
*Big Brother and O'Brien win if they outnumber the innocents


How does one class oppress another class?
To maintain power, to make a revolution impossible
Big Brother everywhere
Past is destroyed
Must control emotions
Limited Rescources
"Nothing [is] your own."
Fear (of vaporization, being taken to Ministry of Love)
Diminishing sex drive
"Beetle" people
Loss of individuality and freedom
How do anarchist ideas affect the ways characters of certain classes behave in response to government authority?

"Down with Big Brother"
Not being satisfied with government as is
Unhappy with oppresive powers of police, war/military forces, law.

To undermine the totalitarian efforts of a tyrannical government from within the society
Winston writing in diary
Sex with Julia
Joining the Brotherhood

Efforts put down by authoritative power: O'Brien arrests Winston
Room 101
Very Similar to Marx's "proletariat"
Need "class consciousness"
"Until [the proles] become conscious they will never rebel" (61)
Inner/Outer Party
Exploit proles
Marx merely had proletariat and bourgeois
Social Institutions and Religion
Junior Anti-Sex League, Nature Hikes, etc. resemble religion and hope
Religion is the "opiate of the masses"
The Basics
Labor Theory of Value (value of product based only on labor)
Machines: decrease value of products
Money: Gold and other precious metals measured by LToV, paper money a substitute held in place by the government
In the Text
LToV: Goldstein's theories of labor only as necessary as the product
Machines: Inner Party needs to slow advance of technology, must do this by wasting technology on war and labor and keep standard of living low
So What?
Text presents warped Marxist economic reality,
communistic in its origins, but very dictatorial in actuality, despite it's communistic trappings
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