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Robert Bentley

No description

Alee Danyluk

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Robert Bentley

His involvement and contribution to
the genre of the personal essay Some Essays and Collections:
Style and Contributions:
Consisted of humor, satire, reportage, and criticism; included mostly dialog with some narration
Produced over 600 essays in his lifetime
Influenced modern humorists particularly with his essays that were published in The New Yorker
Many of his works were made into films, such as "You'd be surprised", in 1926. Robert Benchley "Of All Thinks"
"Love Conquers All"
"Pluck and Luck"
"The Early Worm"
"Benchley -- Or Else"

Benchley's simple definition of humor: "Anything that makes people laugh" Characters typically exaggerated the representation of the common man with less common sense.
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