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Telescope History

The history of telescopes by TorrS and VendE

Incarnation Catholic

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of Telescope History

Telescope History
By: TorrS & VendE

How do telescopes work?
Galileo's telescope's were pretty basic compared to the ones we have now. They consisted of a metal tube with a convex lens in front and a concave one in the back of the tube. The two lenses catch more light then the eye can see, focused it and formed a magnified image. Because the images were formed by bending light, these telescopes came to be called
refracting telescopes
What we use telescopes for?
We use telescopes for looking in space. We also use them for learning about space and things in it. We learn a lot about space from telescopes because the telescopes helps us zoom in. We also use telescopes to watch the rocket ship to go up into space and come down. They also help us see stars that are very far away.
Galileo is the one who came up with telescopes. In 1609 he wanted to look at the stars more clearly. So he got a tube and put two lenses in it. He became famous and ever since then we learned a lot more about space thanks to him. We use the telescope ever since.
What are telescopes?
Telescopes are the gateway to space.
They are long tubes with convex and concave lenses that zoom in on things that are out of your vision.Telescopes help people view faraway objects in space, like the moon, but many people don't know how they work.
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