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1994 Blons, Austria Avalanche

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Jaden Polmateer

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of 1994 Blons, Austria Avalanche

1994 Avalanche in Blons, Austria
Two avalanches struck Blons, Austria. The first avalanche destroyed the small village of Blons. Nine hours later a second avalanche hits and moves 3800 feet in less than a minute, burying the rescuers with it. The total death toll is higher than 200. The avalanche was regarded as Austria's worst avalanche. People called this destructive avalanche the White Death.
In Blons, Austria the two avalanches hit, it was one of the worst mass burials in recorded history. The small village of Blons is near Bludenz, Vorarlberg in the Austrian Alps. Austria is located in Central Europe.
Over 2oo people in Austria, including 115 rescuers died. In the avalanche it killed 9 students and teachers. The village of Blons only had 365 people and of those people 57 died, 2o - 120 people were never found and 50 people were believed to be buried alive. About 30 out of the 90 buildings were demolished.
The avalanches were caused by too much activity on the mountain, which caused the packed snow to become unstable. Also because round snowflakes landed on the mountain instead of jagged ones which would form together.

The first avalanche came tumbling down at 9:36 a.m. on the 12th of January 1954. The second avalanche hit Blons around 7:00 p.m. On January 13 more than 200 people were dead or missing.
Blons mountains today
Blons mountain in 1954

Jagged snowflakes
Round snowflakes

The round snowflakes that landed on the mountain made the snow weaker. The wind was blowing very strong that day which caused heavy snow build up on one side of the mountain before it all fell into an avalanche.
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