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Extreme Hip Hop Dancing #2

No description

Kelsey Barclay

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Extreme Hip Hop Dancing #2

By: Kelsey Description of Hip Hop Dancing!! History of hip hop dancing. Prior Training!!! Specific Muscles being used Hip Hop dancing is one of the most popular cardio-centric workouts.
Its a high energy sport
The moves require simultaneous movement of two or more body parts.
Fast moving and continuous rhythmic dance moves burns calories like crazy. Also known as "Street Dancing"
It was taken from an underground African American form of expression to mainstream USA. You can attend overnight camps.
Travel teams Mainly every muscle in your body.
Focusing on The core the most. Extreme Hip Hop Dancing Common Injuries Broken Finger Broken Foot Broken Ribs Broken Wrist Dislocated Elbow Dislocated Kneecap Fractured Heel H Head Injury Broken Leg Pulled Hamstring Spinal Injury Ruptured Spleen Injury Overview It was reported a total of 738 injuries.

Lower extremity injuries were 52%

Upper extremity injuries 32%

Breakers have a higher injury incidence compared with poppers/ lockers and new schoolers What exercises would help to strengthen the muscles? Exercises to prevent injuries con't Two professional athletes Matt Steffanina EXPENSES STRETCH!!!!!!!!!!!
If you don't stretch you can come into contact with either minor or major injuries
Also if you don't stretch you can have pulled hamstrings and/or broken or fractured bones from not getting your muscles ready to start dancing. Fun Fact: If you are doing stunts and/or major dancing like breaking or doing the jabberwocky dances, make sure to stretch extra!! Different types of dance videos :) Jabberwockee Knee Fold Tuck Climbing Rope Side Balance Crunch Circle Plank Sliding Plank Shane Sparks Famous Choreographers AGES!!!! At what age can you safely begin to train and participate in hip hop dancing?
You can begin as soon as the age of 3
What is the age range for people to safely paticipate?
3-82 years old
The parcentage of accidents related to the sport?
Age Level: 3-5 and 70-82 are at high risk
What body part are being injured?: legs and heels.
Deaths related?: None
Why do these accidents occur?: The individual does not stretch as much as needed or the that individual is trying stunts. SAFETY TIPS Always stretch before starting your routine to prevent injury.
Don't make the choreography to your dance to challenging that you have trouble doing it.
Make sure if you are doing lessons you have the right teacher for you Rules and regulations.
(Information taken directly from USASF Dance) hip hop sneakers- $30.00 - $250.00 depending on the sneaker you want to get.

Dance lessons- $15.00 - $200.00 depending on the place you go too and the class you are in. jazz sneakers most company's want you to have these Dance General Rules
1. All teams must be supervised during all official functions by qualified coach/instructor.
2. Coaches/Instructors must require proficiency before skill progression. Coaches must consider the dancer and team skill level with regard to the proper performance placement.
3. All participants agree to conduct themselves in a manner displaying good sportsmanship throughout the event. The director/ coach of each team is responsible for seeing that the team members, coaches, parents, and any other person affiliated with the team conduct themselves accordingly.
4. All programs should have, and review, an emergency action plan in the event of an injury.
5. Teams must have at least 4 members. There is no maximum limit.
6. Each team will have a minimum of 1 min and 45 seconds to a maximum of 2 mins and 30 seconds to demonstrate their style and expertise. Timing will begin with the first choreographed movement or note of the music. Timing will end with the las choreographed movement or note of the music, whichever happends last.
7. Subsitutions may be made in the event of any injury or other serious circumstance. Substitutes must also abide by the age and gender restricitons in all divisions in which they compete.
8. Footwear is recommended but not required. Wearing socks and/or footed tights only is prohibited.
9. Jewelery as a part of costume is allowed The equipment you need to safely participate Studio
Jazz sneakers or regular street shoes
Lessons Environmental factors The only factor is the weather outside because if your practicing outside you don't want to slip and fall. Qualifications or certifications to coach? Degree level not required but may have a bachelors or master's degree in Choreography Miscellaneous information
There is very many dance studio's around PA and the world
Pennsylvania has no colleges that major in Choreography
5 interesting facts 1. Jabberwocky is a type of dance that is normally used by major popping and strong stick movements.
2. Give yourself a time to rest so you don't over work your muscles.
3. There is a lot of serious injuries that can occur
4. You need to learn the routine but at the same time you need to take a break and cool down in between the classes or stretch as well.
5. Its a very challenging sport if you want to dance you have to put your mind to it. Three safety tips Me and the sport 1. Make sure you stretch before, during and after dances.
2. Have the right equipment before you start.
3. Stay hydrated so that you don't dehydrate and you can focus on the dance routine.
Would you like to participate in this sport
Yes, I already do participate in Dance
What do you like the best about participating in dance?
The challenge in dance. When you have a recital or just learning a new dance routine I feel like it gives me a challenge.
How could participation in this sport benefit me?
I'm going to college for a major in choreography.
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