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how japan is so awesome

Bryan Allen

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Nippon

The Sky My Japanese Tabi Kanji Anime or Managa Its the japanese version of comic books I think that the japanese language is the hardest
language to learn because of all of the symbols u have to learn. This cat was very small
when they are young but they grow quickly and are a fun cat to have cause they always mess around. This language takes years and years of study to learn but is fun once u get it down. Cherry Blossoms Casual Sky Cherry blossoms were brought over into the states when Japan and the USA signed the treaty after WW2 and that is why we have cherry blossoms in D.C. Bullet Train These are the fastest trains in the world and are always used to go from city to city or island to island in japan. There aren't eny subways because there are elevated above the ground to save energy and cost. Japan Japan has the most Technology is the most advanced
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