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Chat Feature

No description

Sarah Arington

on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of Chat Feature

Chat Feature
To positively influence all aspects of People, Service and Value by applying laser focus, tireless execution and relevant rewards to exceed customer/business expectations.
Our Mission
The Problem
The Tier 1 Group processes approximately 200K transactions a year.
The average cost per phone call is $12 which translates to approximately
Identify Use Cases
Provide a written transcript of chat
Send/Receive survey responses for chat (based on SDM tickets)
QA Chat Session History
Include in DR process (excludes InContact.com service failure)
Queue position notification
Templates for canned responses

Functional Requirements
Chat Feature

Average cost per chat is $4 which translates to an average annual cost reduction of
if just 15% of potential users utilize it
Provide customer with an alternative contact solution
Reduce call volume
Increase efficiencies and effectiveness
Improve the customer experience

The Solution
Chat Feature
Internship Presentation
The Force
Performance Objectives
Chat Feature
York Hospital
Agent utilization is at 75%
Agents dedicate 15% of time to chat and 85% to phone
Agents work 7.5 hours and 5 days each week
AHT for chat and phone are the same
Project leader for implementing a live, bidirectional Chat Feature for IT Helpdesk
Built Business Case and list of Best Practices
Performed Cost-Benefit Analysis
Proposed and created Project Charter
Developed Functional requirements and Use Cases
Created Testing Plan
Developed Build Steps and Task List
Designed Chat Logo
Developed and Delivered Agent and End User Training
Carried out Pilot of Chat Feature with Customer and received feedback
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