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UIF: BMC July 2015

to infinity and beyond!

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 5 July 2015

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Transcript of UIF: BMC July 2015

copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
Business Model Canvas in context
Industry Forces
New entrants
Dominant players? Competitive advantages or disadvantages? Describe their main offerings? Which customer segments are they focusing on? What is their cost structure? How much influence do they exert on our Customer Segments, Revenue Streams and margins?
Who are the new entrants in our market? How are they different? Competitive advantages or disadvantages? Which barriers must they overcome? What are their Value Propositions? Which customer segments are they focusing on? What is their cost structure? How much influence do they exert on our Customer Segments, Revenue Streams and margins?
Substitute Products and Services
Suppliers and Value Chain Actors
Which products or services could replace ours? How much do they cost compared to ours? How easy it is for customers to switch? What business model traditions do these substitute products stem from? (eg. high-speed train vs airplanes)
Who are the key players in our industry value chain? To what extent does our business model depend on other players? Are peripheral players emerging? Which are most profitable?
Which stakeholders might influence our business mode? How influential are shareholders? Workers? The government?
Market Forces
Market Issues
Market Segments
What are the crucial issues affecting the customer landscape? What shifts are underway? Where is the market heading?
What are the most important Customer Segments? Where is the biggest growth potential? Which segments are declining? Which peripheral segments deserve attention?
Needs and Demands
Switching Costs
What do customers need? What are the biggest unsatisfied customer needs? What do customers really want to get done? Where is demand increasing? Declining?
What binds customers to a company and its offer? What switching costs prevent customers from defecting to competitors? Is it easy for customers to find and purchase similar offers? How important is brand?
Revenue Attractiveness
What are customers really willing to pay for? Where can the largest margins be achieved? Can customers easily find and purchase cheaper products and services?

Technology Trends
What are the major technology trends both inside and outside our market? Which technologies represent important opportunities or disruptive threats? Which emerging technologies are peripheral customers adopting?
Regulatory Trends
Which regulatory trends influence our market? Which rules may affect our business model? Which regulations and taxes affect customer demand?
Societal and Cultural Trends
Describe key societal trends. Which shifts in cultural or societal values affect our business model? Which trends might influence buyer behavior?
Socioeconomic Trends
What are the key demographic trends? How might we characterize income and wealth distribution in our market? How high are disposable incomes? Describe spending patterns in the market. What portion of the population lives in rural and urban areas?
Macroeconomic Forces
Global Market Conditions
Is the economy in a boom or bust phase? Describe general market sentiment. What is the GDP growth rate? How high is unemploy ment rate?
Capital Markets
What is the state of the capital markets? How easy it is to obtain funding in your particular market? Is seed capital, venture capital, public funding, market capital, or credit readily available? How costly it is to procure funding?
Commodities and Other Resources
Describe the current status of the markets for commodities and other resources essential to your business (eg, oil prices or labor costs). How easy it is to obtain the resources needed to execute your business model (eg, attract primer talent)? How costly are they? Where are prices headed?
Economic Infrastructure
How good is the public infrastructure in your market? How would you characterize transportation, trade, school quality, and access to suppliers and customers? How high are individual and corporate taxes? How good are public services for organizations? How would you rate the quality of life?
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