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The Apple State

No description

M2K Kids

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of The Apple State

The Apple State
Location and Geography
The coordinates are 47.5 N, 120.5 W. Washington has many mountains.
Major Cities
Spokane Valley-largest city
Seattle-most populated
Port Gambel- oldest city
Clyde Hill- Best place to live
Washington was founded by Jaun Perez November 11, 1889. Washington was the 42nd State. An Indian tribe is the Willpa Tribe.
Bodies of Water
Some bodies of water are the Pacific Ocean, Columbia River, and Lake Washington.
Natural Resources
Some natural resources are evergreens, water, timber, fish, and silver.
Agricultural Products
Some agricultural products are potatoes, peppermint, apples, azaleas, wine grapes, and wheat.
Manufacturing Products
Some manufacturing products are air planes, school buses, computers, lightbulbs, and cars.
Washington is a temperate state.
Places of Interest
Here are some places of interest the Space Needle, Woodland Park Zoo, Museum of Flight, Seattle Aquarium, and Century Link Field.
This years population is 6,984,900 people.
Famous People
John Elway

Hope Solo
State Symbols
Flower: Coast Rhoded Endron
Tree: Western Hemlock
Bird: Willo-Finch
Thanks for Watching
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