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Social Media - what's it all about

An overview of Social Media for those that don't know much about it! Focus on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin...

shane martin

on 28 February 2018

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Transcript of Social Media - what's it all about

The Impact Of Social Media
What's it all about?
Did You Know ? ?
Facts You Should Know
More Than 500 million users...
Over 340 million tweets a day and 1.6B search queries
Great majority of tweets are only 140 characters long - think of it as like SMS
(but 1 to Many)
The average user has 115 followers - I have 8!
More Than
200 million users.
Has Changed the whole dynamic of recruiting...
72% of Linkedin users are 25 - 55 years old as an age demographics.
Growing rapidly as a new social network with existing 500+ million users now.
The second largest search engine in the world
800 million unique visitors per month
4 billion hours of video viewed each month
72 hours of video is uploaded every minute.
Subscriptions increasing enormously.
Nowadays, Businesses don't have a choice on whether they do social media or not, and presence only is not enough; What matters here is why and how should they do it ?

Social media policy
horror stories
Why Should businesses use social media for marketing ? ?
Social Media has Great Potential.
Customers can Interact with You Directly
Higher profits.
Marketing to enormous number of people with least cost.
Real Time sharing.
Better understanding of customer behavior and market needs.
Monitoring & Controlling
Social Media Risks
No strategy or wrong strategy.
Lack of Executive Support.
Unwilling to Experiment.
Expecting Overnight Results.
Trying to Maintain Control.
Prepared By,

Wael AlHusseini
Social Media...
Learn from Your Competitors
How businesses can start using social media for marketing ? ?
Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail
Listening, Analyzing, Taking an action.
Platforms, Creation, Content Management.
Build up your decision now
Go Socially
Keep Telemarketing
So, how does it work?
Let's take a look...

[insert disclaimer here!]
Business issues?
Mirvac is involved in Social Media
our customers and stakeholders talk about us,

regardless of whether
interact with
Legal issues:
Control, Security
So, What is a
#hashtag ??
In mainstream media - for the wrong
...and the
right reasons!
Mirvac Social Media Policy
Social Media Response Guidelines
Social Media Monitoring
Thank You
Note - this presentation was created, and is hosted, 'in the cloud'
Mirvac Digital Steering Committee
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