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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Hero's Journey

No description

Claire Finnerty

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Hero's Journey

10. The Road Back
Huck, Tom, and Jim are going to leave town and get Jim to freedom but Tom has been shot in the leg and needs medical attention. Huck goes into town to get the doctor but Mr.Sherburn finds him and brings him back to the home not knowing the intended plan.
2. Call to Adventure
Huck sees the opportunity to escape from his Father when he is working one day. He collects some necessary items from the house and hides a raft that he found in the river.
4. Meeting the Mentor
When Huck arrives on Jackson Island, he thinks he is in solitaire but he later discovers that the slave who worked for the widow he lived with, Jim, has runaway to the island too. Jim is not exactly a mentor because of his social status and race but he is a great friend and travel partner.
6.Tests, Allies, Enemies
Along their travels, Huck and Jim encounter a young and old man who are escaping trouble. They convince Jim that they are a King and a Duke and throughout the novel, they cause many exciting problems. They are basically frauds that will do anything for money including a circus act and a drawn out plan to fake being the brother of a dead man. Their lies convince people for a while but they always end up being caught.
8. Ordeal
Tom tells Huck all the things a legendary prisoner would do and tries to draw out Jim's imprisonment to ideally, thirty seven years by doing things like stealing the families' sheets to make into a ladder and bake into a pie, stealing a shirt so Jim can use it as a journal by writing on it with his blood, and also making Jim sleep with rats and snakes. Finally, they write an anonymous note to the family saying they're going to steal Jim. So, the family has other farmers come with guns to help them. When Huck and Tom rescue Jim, they are spotted and a dog chase ensues. Luckily, the three make it out alive.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
: Hero's Journey

3. Refusal of the Call
It is a challenge for Huck to escape because he is locked in at all times so he has some doubts. However, that doesn't stop him. He frames his own murder by stealing everything in the house and dragging a pigs dead body to leave a trace of blood.
7. Approach to the
Inmost Cave
1. The Ordinary World
12.Return with
the Elixir
5. Crossing the First Threshold
9. Reward
11. Resurrection
Huckleberry Finn lives in a home with a widow who takes care of him. His father is the town drunk and is trying to get custody of him because Huck has a large amount of money he found previously with Tom Sawyer. So his father kidnaps him and they live in a cabin in the woods together.
After Huck goes on shore and talks with a woman, he finds out that the woman's husband has seen smoke coming from their fires on the island and her husband believes it is the runaway slave. So Huck and Jim have to leave the island and travel down the Mississippi River.
The gang gets separated in a town and Huck finds out that Jim has been taken prisoner at a plantation. So he goes to the house and the Sherburn family that lives there mistakes him for their nephew Tom Sawyer. So Huck goes along with it, finds the actual Tom and they plan to free Jim from the shed he is imprisoned in.
Jim has been rescued and will soon be free!
The three are reunited again at the Sherburns'. Tom spills the whole ordeal and plan to the Sherburns and then says that the widow who owned Jim died and left it in her will that he would be set free.
Tom and Huck have won their prize. Jim will be a free man and will be reunited with his family. Huck could live a 'sivilized' life with the family but he enjoys the adventure and will move along with Tom.
Huck went through all the steps of the hero's journey and learned many valuable lessons through his adventures. The themes of the novel and important lessons Huck has learned include:
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