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Capsim: Team Andrews

No description

Nick McGreevy

on 1 August 2012

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Transcript of Capsim: Team Andrews

Team Andrews:
The A-Team Team Andrews:
Coury Sicker: R+D Manager
CJ Stach: Production Supervisor
Nick McGreevy: Director of Marketing
Melissa Crisafi: Financial Advisor Intended Strategy: Niche Differentiation
Performance Department Strategies R+D Marketing Finance Production New products
Age appropriate for the segment
Customer preferences Strong awareness and promotion

Competitive pricing

Strategic forecasting Stock/Bonds for financing


Manage LT debt Manage inventory
Buy capacity early 1 2 3 4 0 5 6 7 8 Practice Rounds:
"Stay behind but don't fall behind" Repositioned all products
Low pricing
Stocked out of everything Repositioned all products
Kept prices low
Created Alpha [P] Repositioned all products (poorly)
Introduced Alpha [P]
Created Apple [H] Repositioned the other 2 products (Apple [H] and Aft [P])
Dropped Agape [S]
Sold capacity The Big Risk
Repositioned all products
"Jumped" 2 products into next year:
Adam [H] and Alpha [P]
Dropped Able [T] and Acre[L]
Over-produced Repositioned Alpha [P]
Dropped Apple [H]
Sold capacity Emergency Loan
Repositioned Alpha [P]
Dropped Aft [P]
Lowered Prices
PRODUCED OVER CAPACITY!! The Domino Effect 1 Strategy Strategy:
- Presence in all segments
- Sink or swim
- Product placement/movement
- Ideal spot drift
- Round 4
Introspective View:
Did not adjust sales/promo strategy
Spent money on products we planned to drop
Fluctuated prices
Did not coordinate with R+D (timing of product release) Marketing Group Dynamics
Decision making
Conflict 2 3 4 Financial Focus Timing Introspective View Strategy:
- Presence in all segments
- Sink or swim
- Product placement/movement
- Ideal spot drift
- Round 4
Introspective View:
-Competition The Silver Lining Financial health
Took risks
Dealt with scrutiny
Overcame adversity Produced above capacity again
Second emergency loan
Repositioned Alpha [P] R+D Production Strategy:
- Production in all segments
- Inventory turnover
- Selling capacity
- Automation
Introspective View:
-Loss of market share Finance Strategy:
- Use of financing
- Sink or swim
- Omnipresent
- Debt repayment
Introspective View:
-Dividend Strategy
- M&A
- Alliances
- Creative Marketing
- Limitations
- Product placement
- Goal planning
- Competitive intelligence "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda" Emergent Strategy ? Strategy:
- Spending in all segments
- Promotion/Awareness budgeting
- Round 4
Introspective View:
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