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This is BORING!

This is very boring so don't watch it.

David John

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of This is BORING!

Do not read what you are about to read!!! Why are u still reading this? Hmm.......WHY R U READING THIS?!?! U r still Reading! Well this is extremely boring like ur bored already right? Hmm look likes ur not bored.......looks like i got some competition now..... Don't you just hate this world? With all the greedy humans like u? Well we humans aren't helping this world at all! Ur bored now right?!? Well then I am going to ask u some questions...... Whats 57/38? What is 27/50? Whats 38,592,749/50? O wow thanks I really need those for my homework........ Wow thanks for the help.....I should do this more often...... The End! Or is it? Like is it? Your suppose to leave.....
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