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Mining communities

No description

cheryl manley

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Mining communities

Mining communities
Where mining communities are located.
Here is a picture of some diamonds

Here is how gold is produced.
Mining communities are located in the Canadian Shield and in most territories and provinces.
Jobs in mining communities are miner which means you work in a mine. Prospector means you look for minerals underground.
What jobs can you do in a mining community.
What are some possible affects on the environment and resources in your community be reduced?
Mining of oil sand disturbs large areas that must be turned into habitats for wild life it always changes the environment. When minerals are removed from the ground and oil from the ground.It disturbs or destroys plant life or wildlife.
Many things you use in your daily life are made from minerals and metals such as CD s,telephones,computers, trains,cars and medicines.
We hope you enjoyed our prezi about mining communities.
How can these negative effects onrces in the enviroment and resources in your community be redouced?
Mining waste used to be dumped in ugly lifeless piles called slag heaps.
It took years of research to find plants that would grow in these places. Now slag heaps are being turned into places
where plants grow and wildlife live.

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