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Cherry Ghost

Kissing Strangers

matthew norman

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Cherry Ghost

Rain on a pavement glittering with the reflection of flashing light bulbs. A pair of feet hurry through the shot. Wide of the Essoldo Cinema from across the street – lights flash around its front boarding, we see a figure running in through the entrance doors. We follow them in – it is a member of staff turning up for the evening shift. In an empty foyer they shake the rain from their umbrella and brush their hair back. Through the corridors to the old staff room. Details of the room - Pictures on the wall - old film posters and photos of previous staff and owners, the cinema in it’s heyday etc. She hangs up her coat and puts on her uniform.. Other staff turn up to the room and prepare themselves. Only hints of familiarity between them –Slight smiles and acknowledgement to each other but each wondering off to their stations.

The ticket office - the girl sits chewing reading a tatty old novel – there are no customers, she glances over to the doorman who stands hands clasped, looking perplexed out of the doors into the dark as cars pass by. Exterior shot of his face through the glass flickering with the flashing lights. Interior reflections in the door.

In a backroom the usherette sorts out her little pots of ice cream for the interval. Down the corridor an old electrician sits at a table, fiddling with an electrical device to pass time, aimlessly sticking a screw driver into it and turning it. we move to the grand auditorium where one of the ushers srtands looking out from the circle over the expanse of empty chairs... the lights of the flickering projector glinting and bursting into the shot.

Moving along the corridor into the mangers office where he sits blankly behind his desk, drinking whisky and playing patience with an old set of cards. Back in the foyer the ticket girl is still reading her book, occassionally glancing up to the doorman.


Focusing on details – hands, expressions, cracks in the walls, broken tiles etc. black n white? Subtitles of thoughts (see REM Everybody Hurts video)?
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