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Student Discourse

No description

Tatiana Lim-Breitbart

on 29 November 2014

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Transcript of Student Discourse

Fostering the
"I don't know the answer, but I think..." Classroom

increase student ownership of learning
make ALL students integral contributors to scientific discussions
Partner work has two versions of the worksheet, A and B. The answers to the A worksheet are on the B worksheet and vice versa.
In quads, partner A works with another A to figure out their answers and practice explaining the problems they have the answers to.
Then they switch partners and check their answers with partner B.
Students have access to lesson keys, teacher guides, or previewing lessons and then they facilitate classwork with student groups.
Teacher uses coaching encouragement cards to help a student guide whole class academic discourse.
Coaching Cards
Students use coaching cards with their teams to facilitate academic discourse.

Everybody Speaks Once
Use mini-rubber ducks to ensure all students speak once before anyone speaks twice
Peer Coaching
Tatiana Lim-Breitbart
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