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Jurassic Park

This impressive plot diagram depicts the adventures characters have in Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park.


on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park
Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Plot Diagram Michael Crichton's The book starts out with an introduction of biogenetics and its influence on the modern world. InGen, the company responsible for the construction of Jurassic Park, is also described. In addition, characters including John Hammond, Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Sattler, Dr. Gennaro, and Ian Malcolm are all introduced in great detail.
As the main characters arrive together at Jurassic Park, they begin to experience the wonder of dinosaurs. Soon, however, instabilities begin to appear when Nedry, a corrupt computer techniacian shuts down the park's security system in an attempt to steal viable embryos. From then on, mayhem wreaks. Dinosaurs escape and the danger begins to dawn on the main characters. Highest Point of Suspense Most Emotional Event for the Main Character The highest point of suspense occurred when Arnold, a computer technician, rebooted the Jurassic Park and hoped to bring Jurassic Park's security systems back on. The most emotional event for the main characters then occurred when Arnold's success at rebooting the system turns into a failure when he realizes that they had been running on auxilliary power the entire time. As a result, the Jurassic Park system once again shut down. The falling action takes place when after the system's power is restored, Tim and Alexis manage to reset the park's security systems while narrowly avoiding velociraptor attacks. In the end, a boat holding velociraptors was preventing from reaching the shores, where the raptors would spread and cause considerable damage to the people on shore. The main characters escape the island with a few casualities and the island is blown to pieces. However, the author hints at a sequeal to the book when he states that some dinosaurs had successfully migrated to other islands, where they are beginning to cause trouble.... Setting Most of Jurassic park takes place at Isla Nublar in Costa Rica. This setting is important because it is unaffiliated with governmental matters which allowed for the relatively easy construction of the dinosaur park. Theme
The theme of Jurassic Park is that nature cannot be controlled. Throughtout the story, the author consistently presents thoughts on the boundaries of science and that as humans continue to advance, there will be a limit to our jouneys. The dinosaurs escaping is a great example of the instability faced while attempting to control nature. The dinosaurs eventually overran the park. Nature will never succumb. Figurative Language Foreshadowing Throughout the story, the author continually hints at many future events, the most prominent being the escape of dinosaurs. Ian Malcolm, an eccentric mathematician, states, "The animals kept here are never to mix with the greater ecosystems of earth. They are never to escape...such isolation is impossible and it simply cannot be done" (91). Symbolism The author also continually uses symbolism to support his major theme of uncontrollable nature. The most noticeable uses of symbolism are the quotes separating each major section/event. The quotes depict the fractal curve at different stages of its drawing which further adds to its symbolic touch. One quote states, "Inevitably, underlying instabilities begin to appear" (179). This quote comes right before the section when dinosaurs escape, proving that Jurassic Park's instabilities would ruin it. Sensory Language The author uses imagery to create many impacting pictures of the story and current events. One prime example occurs when the author describes the character's first sighting of dinosaurs. "The long-necked animal had a gracefulness, almost a dignity, about its movements. And it was quick--there was nothing lumbering or dull in its behavior. The sauropod peered alertly at tem, and made a low trumpeting sound, rather like an elephant" (79). It allows the reader to fully visualized the scene going on. Point of View Throughout the book, Michael Crichton tells the story in an omniscient 3rd person point of view. This means that the reader has an "all-knowing" view of the story with knowledge of all events. Many parallel events that occur, such as the velociraptor scene when Tim and Alexis are attempting to restore the system while Ian Malcolm's group was hiding elsewhere, are all known to the reader. A 3rd person point of view means that the story is narrated by an outside source. No character in the book tells the story. Characters The protagonists of the story include Dr. Grant, Dr.Sattler, Ian Malcolm, Dr. Gennaro, and essentially everybody else that is against John Hammond's dinosaur creations. Additional Information
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