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Gaga For Infographics

No description

Roskens Ideasroom

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Gaga For Infographics

Infographics What is an Infographic? What makes an Infographic effective? Why use Infographics? Why would you use Infographics? Piktochart Easel.ly Infogr.am Further Resources http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonoberholtzer/2012/09/18/today-in-horrible-infographics-5-keys-to-creating-successful-infographics/ Storify, Visualize, Simplify, Timeliness, & Shareable
-Jason Oberholtzer, Forbes Make sure it has:
Relevant & Accurate info, Clean & Appealing Layouts, Catchy Titles, Good Keywords
-Mark Jones, OSI Affiliate Software http://blog.theadhereagency.com/2012/5-awesome-tips-for-successful-infographics/ http://www.easel.ly/ http://infogr.am/ Online chart only
Can publish on
on web Theme based web-app
Drag, edit, save, share Flexibility & control over information You can:
Save as
Share online http://piktochart.com/how-to-create-infographic-in-5-minutes/ Time to practice Make and take Go to http://piktochart.com Step 1: Log in or sign up
Step 2: Customize colors, font, and style
Step 3: Edit your canvas
Step 4: Drag and drop
Step 5: Upload data visualization An Information Graphic, or Infographic is a graphic/visual way to show data, information, and ideas. These graphics are often used to explain a large amount of complex data in a quick, easy to understand way. Infographics are used to tell the story from your information! Any time you wish to explain a large series of data in a timely fashion... use an Infographic Allows the reader to quickly understand your point. They often won't have time to go through pages of data! Three creation tools for Infographics online! https://www.diigo.com/list/unoideasroom/infographics-information How to Insert a Graph Go to "Tools" (bottom menu)
Drag and drop "bar chart"
Chart wizard appears
Options include: bar, line, area, dot, pie, matrix, gradient, gauage, donut, swatch, bubble http://piktochart.com/FAQ-v2/ Other How To's http://pinterest.com/officialascd/education-infographics/
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