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I <3 inuyasha so i made a prezi about him! hope ya enjoy!!

Tyler Abbott

on 7 May 2011

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Transcript of Inuyasha

Inuyasha He is a half demon, meaning when its a new moon, he turns human. and also, if he's without his tetsusiga, he turns full demon, screaming for liffe, and he'l fight until he is finally deafeated. he is in love with a priestess names Kikyo (right) he is also in love with a 15 year old named kagome. (left) He lives in japan in the feudal era he has a magical sword called the tetsusiga(tet-sighg-ah) that has 4 tequnques: the wind scar, the back lash wave, the red tetsusaiga, and the addament barrage! wind scar red tetsusaiga adament barrage backlash wave inuyasha, full fledged demon! Inuyasha as human and half demon Find out more by watching the series Inuyasha on youtube. type in inuyasha episode 1 part 1 dubbed hd. p.s this show has swearing, violence, and blood, so consult your parents if under 13.
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