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Loose Change


DeMario Mack

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Loose Change

Loose Change Topics:

Job description/Overview

Recruitment Strategy

Selection Procedures

Employee Motivation

Goals / Objectives
Job Description/Overview Overview Organization Overview Recruitment Strategy Other Recruitment Strategies Methods/Cost/Source As a bartender, one will be taking drink orders from patrons
Expected to know basic recipes of specific drinks
The nature of a bartending job is very fast-paced and at times stressful
Manager requires a drug test, background check, and basic skills test as well.

Also a personality test is required Additionally:
Must be able to analyze and interpret human behavior, especially of intoxicated patrons

Employee also must be able to handle rambunctious customers effectively or request services of a bouncer
Method Cost Source
Word of Mouth $0 Manager
Social Networking $0 Manager
Newspaper $100-$500 Thesunnews.com
Flyers $55.58 Staples.com Recommended Strategies The most effective advertisement method for this position would be to use social networking sites. We believe that this is the most effective because of both the cost and the convenience of using such sites. The top performer for these categories would be provided free drinks for a night, cash, or vendor prizes.
This may be through the employee working smarter, faster, or even longer.

Want to Bartend the Hottest Place in Town?!?!
Loose Change

Experience: Minimal Experience Required, Must be at least 21 yrs old
Type: Part-Time/Full-Time, Hourly Wage/ Cash Tips
Work Hours: 4 hr shifts between 6PM-3AM (depending on night)
Job Duties: Prepare drinks, Bar Prep, Clean-up
How to Apply: Call (864) 654-1090 to set up interview or apply in person @ 349 College Ave Clemson, SC
Friendly Environment!

Mission Statement:

"Providing people with the resources to have a good time" Prepare bar for the evening
Taking beverage/snack orders
Preparing mixed drinks and cocktails
Keep bar clean
Check inventory at the week's end
Restock Inventory

Loose change is a bar that serves Clemson with beverages, snacks, and entertainment. It is located in downtown Clemson, Sc
Approximately 15 employees
Strives to offer a superior product and unique atmosphere Select the best applications
for a short interview before determining the final candidate

Another major part is referrals

Considers experience and schedule availability in determining who to interview
Loose Change generally advertises for bartenders through word of mouth, newspaper ads, and signage around the Clemson campus.
Advertising for a bartender position is generally not hard because the skills required are minimal and almost anyone can be trained. Employee Motivation We feel that incentive pay would be most suitable for this job because it shows particular outcomes and behaviors from nightly sales.

Make an On-Premise Sales Contest with rewards such as:
Nightly, Weekly, Monthly Sales Goals
No complaining
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