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Bay of Pigs Invasion

By:Kristin Wise & Kyle Prutsman

Kristin Wise

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Bay of Pigs Invasion

The Bay of Pigs Invasion: Why did the United States invade? Who did they get to invade? What countries were involved? What was the outcome of the invasion? What was NATO's role? Who were the historical personalities involved and what was their role? In the Bay of Pigs Invasion, three main countries were involved. The United States, Cuba and the Soviet Union. The United States assisted Cuban exiles that had fled to Florida in returning to Cuba to over-throw Fidel Castro and the Cuban government. Cuba's allie, the Soviet Union, had moved nuclear missiles into Cuba. The United States feared that Cuba would align with the Soviet Union and start WWIII. The invasion included over 1,400 Cuban exiles trained by the CIA to invade and over-throw Castro. The invasion was not successful and each and every one of the Cuban exiles were either killed or taken prisoner. Castro remained in power and the nuclear missiles remained in Cuba. In April 1961 over 1,400 Cuban exiles backed by the United States CIA invaded Cuba in hopes of over-throwing the Cuban government and their leader Fidel Castro. NATO didn't have a role in the invasion. A group of captured Cuban exiles. A map of Cuba showing the Bay of Pigs or Bahia de Cochinos in Spanish. President Kennedy the United States president at the time and Fidel Castro the leader of Cuba were both involved in the Bay of Pigs Invasion. CIA staff officers E. Howard Hunt and Gerry Droller were in charge of recruiting the exiles. All military planning, training and operations were controlled and overseen by Jacob Esterline, Col. Jack Hawkins and Colonel Stanley W. Beerli. Richard Bissell, and deputy Tracy Barnes watched over operations and instructed all actions made by the force. Fidel Castro
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