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Timeline of Events of Catcher in the Rye

No description

Benjamin Weaver

on 22 November 2014

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Transcript of Timeline of Events of Catcher in the Rye

Timeline of Events of Catcher in the Rye
By: Benjamin Weaver.

That's it, that's the entire group

Fifth Major Event:
He goes to Ernie's

On the way Ernie's he gets in a cab and again asks the Cabbie where the ducks go in the winter. The cabbie answers, but not in a serious tone.

Once he gets to Ernie's, he runs into Lilian Simmons, D.B's ex.
Fourth Major Event:
He gets in the Taxi Cab

Now, as you might be thinking "what the hell is so important about a taxi?"

Well... nothing much. But when he gets into the Cab he asks the driver where the ducks go during the winter. The cabbie doesn't know

Holden then goes to a hotel
First Major Event:
Second Major Event:
Holden gets into a fight with Stradlater.

It happened after Stradlater came back from a date with Jane Gallagher, in which he "supposedly" had sex with her.

During the date Holden is suppose to write a descriptive paragraph for him, but he does it on his dead brother's baseball glove and the a room like Stradlater asked for.

After the fight, Holden Runs away from school and goes to the city
Third Major Event:
Holden arrives in NYC

Now on the train to NYC he meets Mrs.Morrow. A mother of one of his classmates. He lies and says her son is very nice, but he's the exact opposite

And when Holden first arrives in NYC, he goes to a phone booth and thinks about calling Jane, Phoebe or, D.B. But he doesn't call anyone
Sixth Major Event:
Allie Dies

Now, this even is major to the story. Holden's brother, who's two years younger than him dies of leukemia.

Holden gets very depressed and breaks every window in his garage.

This is just one of the traumatic events that leads to Holden being the way he is
Holden hires a Prostitute

Holden goes back to the Hotel and hires a Prostitute, from Maurice for $15. Sunny is her name and she isn't much older than Holden. But Holden realizes he really isn't in the mood, so he just talks. Sunny, not wanting to talk,leaves after asking for $10,but Holden only gives her $5.

So, Maurice goes back into the room and beats up Holden because he owes $5.

After the fight Holden pretends he has a bullet in the gut and goes to the bathroom
Seventh Major Event:
Holden goes on a date with Sally Hayes

Sally Hayes is Holden's old girlfriend, and he decides after the fight with Maurice, to go on a date with her. To watch a movie and go ice skating.

Before arriving to the date, Holden gets breakfast and during breakfast he talks to two nuns about Romeo and Juliet. After the conversation, Holden donates $10 to them

After the movie with Sally, Holden tells her that he loves her. And after they go ice skating, Holden suggests running away. Sally declines and Holden yells at her.
Eight Major Event:
He goes the the Wicker Bar.

At the Wicker Bar, he meets Carl Luce, an old classmate of his.

During the meeting, Holden gets very drunk and only wants to talk about sex, but Carl isn't having of it. So he tells Holden he needs to grow up.

And because he is drunk, he decides to foolishly call Sally. Hence, making himself look like an idiot
Ninth Major Event:
He heads home to talk to Phoebe.

Phoebe is Holden's little sister, one of the only people that Holden truly trusts and loves. The only person that Holden feels like he can talk to

While they are talking, Phoebe asks why he is home so early, and speculates it's because he was kicked out of school. And then proceeds to say that "daddy'll kill you"

Phoebe then asks what Holden wants to do with his life, Holden replies "
To be a Catcher in the Rye
He wants to save kids from falling of a cliff in a rye field cause he views them as innocent beings
Tenth Major Event
Phoebe tells Holden like it is

When Phoebe says "You don't like anything that's happening" Holden gets very depressed, because he knows it's true. Everytime in his life, he blames stuff on others, but he knows he's the only reason why he's like this.
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