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No description

Sergio Kuznietsov

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of IMC PLAN SAMSUNG

For Samsung Youm Flexible Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Goal of our video Create buzz

Relationship communication

Increase brand awareness

Drive sales Who are our target customers? Young adults, teens, students

Business professionals


Tech-savvy professionals IMC Strategy Brand Statement:
“Your Gateway to an Ultimate Experience”

Unique Selling Proposition: Flexibility and Durability

Marketing Techniques: comparison, endorsement, creating buzz, using bottlenecks Measuring Effectiveness
of IMC Plan Post-test:
Target specific population and check if they can remember our advertisements and their reaction.
Check website visits, Facebook comments, YouTube hits, phone call inquiries.
Check how big the effect is in hiring Justin Timberlake for our celebrity endorsement. By Eros, Sergii, Saravanan, Adnan and Janssen Communication Objectives Brand awareness
Sufficient media exposure
Consistently convey central message
Strong Brand recall PRINT ADS Launch events Celebrity Endorsement Why Nintendo?

Existing Relationship

Possible Benefits from Collaborations AND Optimization Model Created Index using Database

Relative Cost, Exposure and Future Sales

Efficient Allocation of Budget Achieved Budget Allocation Measuring Effectiveness
of IMC Plan Pretest:

Ask the public if flexible display phone/tablet is possible and if they would buy one.

Get focus groups for responses to our potential ads and evaluate potential alternatives.

Expose a group of respondents to our test ads and asked what they can remember. Evaluating the
IMC Plan To see if the IMC plan is doing its job:
Market share
Profitability / Sales data
Media exposure
(% of population exposed to ads)
New clients, customers and possible partnerships Summary of
Distribution & Budget Distribution channels:
Launch Events
Print Ads and Video Ads
Celebrity Endorsement
Online Marketing
Total budget needed: $20 million Introducing the Youm Flexible
Features‘ & entertainment
The main players “CNET, TechRadar and Engadget”
How relationship can be created
Two way communication with Programmers and Application developers
Key players in the distribution channel Brand Attraction and Attention

Brand Awareness
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