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No description

rodney stump

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of minecraft

YouTube, google image, my knowledge
second person
third person limited
He started play minecraft then he built a house and pickaxe shovel and food and sword and bows. Then one day creeper blows up on a house of his then he loss his stuff then he attack the mobs he was angry then another player joined his game she was attack on endermen she attack the endermen so she attack till the enderdragon is dead so when she kills it she will mine the dragon egg so she can fight it again. He kills creepers. So they find something amazing. They found herobrine they jumped out of there seat so they fought herobrine.but they lost the battle loss of their weapons.
I played minecraft an you can ride a horse .I get a diamond sword. And i fight zombies ,herobrine, creepers, spiders, cave spiders, ghast, endermen, skeleton. Ha the creeper they blow up like a bomb for instance unless you shoot them with a bow, arrow. Endermen they eleport. the skeleton they shoot you with bow i take them down with a diamond sword or when i was unprepared for there attack i just hit them with my iron pickaxe or my diamond pickaxe. Then usual they i wait for them to come so does other mobs i kill anything in my path even pigs and sheep
third person omniscient
1 first person
part 4
You can play minecraft why because
watch the videos on YouTube or download on PC and use PC because you can get mods.They play adventure maps and you can do kill zombies, creepers and skeleton you will be excited. Then you can mine and you can craft and you can blow up things with TNT. and to use TNT use torch to blow that thing that need to blow up. and you need to build enderportel.If you do you can fight the enderdragon and we can win.
He was mad at herobrine then he fought herobrine second time then he won by using a diamond sword. Then he fight mobs. and this creeper blow up his house and they started to kill creepers. Then enderportel they went to it then a person joined a his game. Then they both killed enderdragon. Then they went back to earth instead going through netherportel they used regular portel.Is called enderportel then they head back to earth then they mined they kill mobs and they she was wasn't in for killing the herobrine.And thay had to leave the game. Then the rejoin the game then they fought herobrine so they kept joining his game.
3 person object
he played minecraft and he kills mobs. then he mines diamond ore or gold ore and iron ore. the ore can give weapons weapons can kill mobs mobs drop stuff then he bulit mob trap and kill mobs. it is a sandbox game it means open world game. you can mine diamond, gold,iron,redstone and coal and you can get leather. He builds a city and plays till he get board and play a different game and stops playing it then he stop playing for next update so he play it for twenty-four hours then he gets board then he stops playing it for next update of course. They shoud play wile it last.
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