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Barry Bonds

No description

Diana Reyes

on 9 January 2016

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Transcript of Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds

As a child, Barry would go to his father's baseball practices for the San Francisco Giants. His mother would drive him and his brother Ricky to Candlestick Park where they would shag balls in the outfield during their father's practice. As Barry grew older, he found that it was not so easy to fit in with the other players. He played for the Serra High Padres. When Barry was a senior in high school, he was selected by the Giants in the second round of the 1982 draft. The team offered him alot of money, but he turned them down because he knew how important college was.
In college, Barry played for the Arizona State University Sun Devils. The Sun Devils reached the College World Series. As a junior, he hit 23 home runs. He was ready for professional baseball. He then declared himself eligible for the 1985 major league draft.
Minor Leagues
In Barry first game, he hit a double against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Later on, He slugged his first home run against the Atlanta Braves. He kep on hitting. He finished the season with 16 home runs, 48 RBIs and 36 stolen bases. Barry's second season was even better. He hit 25 home runs, scored 99 runs, and stole 32 bases. Barry was staring to become as good as his father, Bobby Bonds. Everyone realized, though, that Barry was even better than his father. He led the Pirates to the playoffs many times, but each time they fell short of making the World Series.
Signing To The Giants
Barry signed to the San Fancisco Giants in 1993. He took the number of his father, #25. The Giants offered him $44 million. Yes, thats right, Fourty-four million dollars. He won the Gold Glove Award many times, and was voted MVP several times as well. He had his ups and downs in his professional life too. He divorced his wife, Sun.
Difficult Times
In 2003, Bobby Bonds, Barry's father, died. This was a tough way to end the season, but Barry eventually overcame the difficulties and led the team to the playoffs that year. This time, they lost in the first round against the Miami Marlins.
This book is a 4.6 reading level and is worth .5 points.
Barry has three kids, Nikolai, Aisha, and Shikari.
Barry married Liz Watson after he divorced his first wife.
After recieving his 293rd walk on pupose, Barry tied with Hank Aaron's record for most intentional walks.

Barry was chosen for the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, before he could play in the majors, he had to prove himself in the minors. Barry played outfield in the minor leagues in Prince William, Virginia. He batted .299 with 15 stolen bases and 13 home runs. He joined the Pirates midway through the season.
Major Leagues
By Abigail Garewal
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