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The Life To Come

No description

michele camera

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of The Life To Come

Departure of a young missionary, Paul Pinmay
He had tried to convey the word of Christ to the natives
All the attempts to convert the tribe before had failed
The Life To Come
The chief of the tribe, Vithobai, went to Paul to learn about "this God whose name is Love"
Paul spoke of the love of Christ and the Christians' love for each other
Paul kissed Vithobai on his forhead telling him to "come to Christ"
Only God saw them after that
Pinmay is appointed by the Bishop to become the minister of the district
The memory of that sin haunted Paul every day and he felt guilty
Vithobai invited Paul to sleep with him again
He refrained from doing so and asked the other to wait until he is called by him
Forest was cleared for timber
Vithobai gradually lost his power and wealth
Both the protagonists are on the eve of their respective marriages
Vithobai asked Paul to "come to Christ" again
It was 5 years since Paul had said "not yet" and now Pinmay said "Never"
5 years later
Both love story and story about imperial domination
Published P.M. because it deals explicitly with homosexual desire
Unspecified tropical setting
Surface of grotesque comedy but it is a deeply sad story
Novel from the homonymous collection
Written in 1922
Theme of love between males
Love between English men of middle class and men completely different from them
Society's opposition to homosexual love.
Representation of imperialism as unreasonable destructive
British destroyed an indigenous beauty and harmony
Vithobai, the narrator and the reader mourn this lost beauty
Chief of the tribe
Honest, innocent and capable of enduring love
Embody the myth of the Gay Noble Savage
He offers unlimited, honest, and guiltless love to Paul
He has trust in Paul but he is destroyed by him
He is ready to take the joys of the moment without worrying for his reputation.
5 further years later
Vithobai is about to die of Tubercolosis
Paul went to him to repent togheter for their sin
He reminded Vithobai of the life to come; they will meet there and there will be love
Vithobai stabbed Paul and threw himself from the roof
He was joyful for the hope of perfect union with his beloved in the life to come
Paul Pinmay
Hypocrytical and incapable of understanding the true nature of Vhitobai
Missionary from Western civilization
Haunted from his sin for his whole life
He doesn't admit his homosexuality in order not to compromise his reputation
Always in conflict between the truth of his own feelings and what he ought to feel and do
Edward M. Forster
English novelist
Known for his ironic and well-plotted novels
Examining class difference and hypocrisy in society
The novel
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