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Revlon Nail Polish

No description

jocelyn castaneda

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Revlon Nail Polish

Raw Materials
Chlormethine HCL
p-Toluenesulfonylmethyl isocya...
Bromocresol Green
Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt
Bromocresol Purple
Bromocresol Purple Sodium Salt
Bromophenol blue
Bromophenol Blue Sodium Salt
Bromothymol Blue
Bromothymol Blue Sodium Salt
Cresol Red
Cresol Red Sodium Salt
Cresol Purple
Cresol Purple Sodium Salt
Phenol Red
Phenol Red Sodium Salt
Xylenol Orange
Xylenol Orange Sodium Salt
Thymol Blue
Methylthymol Blue
These are some of the ways they are packed.
Types of Revlon nail polish
From $4.99 to $9.49
It depends on the style of it.
Revlon Nail polish
By: Jocelyn castaneda

The advertisement would be on magazines, billboards and different types of public places and also on pop up ads on your devices.
There's a lot of different type of styles. for example...
This product will be in a lot of different types on languages. It'll depend on where its being sold at.
Race- All
Gender- Females
Age- 13+
Class Range- All
New features
(that I came up with.)
The nail polish will not come off without you not wanting it to, you will receive a nail polish remover just for that kind of nail polish.
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