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Evaluating Authors Arguments

Lesson Plan for MECH 5/8

Christina Gaudio

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Evaluating Authors Arguments

EQ: How does a critical reader evaluate an author's argument? Evaluating Arguments Now, let's discuss... "Should Schools Track Kids?" - Junior Scholastic PLEASE DO NOW: Share your text markings with a partner
Do you both have similar words/phrases marked?
What are your differences?
Why are these markings significant to you?

Share aloud with class Text Marking Symbols: What can a cell phone be used for beside talking, texting, taking pictures and playing games? List three other ways a cell phone can be used. What do a cell phone and a school ID card have in common? List one similarity. This seems important to me

This raises a question that I'd like answered or clarified

I agree with what the author is saying here

I make a strong connection with this to my own life Shared Reading Graphic Organizer Work independently to complete your organizer

When finished, you may share with your partner

We will briefly share as a large group Assessment: Mini Essay Mini Lesson on In-Text Citations: If you are quoting directly from the text, you use in-text citations "That's important because the amount of money public schools receive from the state is based on the number of students in school each day" (Zissou 15). If you are summarizing the text, you do not use quotes The state gives money to public schools based on daily student attendance (Zissou 15).
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