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Koran By Heart

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of Koran By Heart

Koran By Heart
Hello Students! 5 PILLARS QUIZ!!!!
Hello Students!
1. Quiz: Islam Quiz #1

2. Discussion: Cell Phones in Mecca
-Article: "Cell Phones in Mecca"

REMINDER! Travel Club Meeting TONIGHT! 6:30, Room 608
Discussion: Should cell phones be allowed in Mecca?
Cell phones should be allowed in Mecca because....

Cell phones should NOT be allowed in Mecca because....

I agree with...and I'd like to add that....

I disagree with...and I'd like to add that....

I will ONLY pass out the Islam Quiz to WHOLE TABLES that are
entirely clear.

The longer your table takes, the less time you will have for your quiz!!! I will only be giving 6 minutes total, so don't waste time!
Koran By Heart
1. Why do you think the contestants in the Koran Recitation Competition are willing to make such
extreme sacrifices in order to compete?
2. Many religions—not just Islam—require followers to memorize and recite passages of text in
languages they do not normally speak. What are the
pros and cons
CHANGE OF PLANS! extra five minutes STUDY TIME!!!
-be in your seat by the time the bell rings

-have something productive to do by the time the bell rings!
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