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My Travels/Where I want to go!

Where I want to go/My travels

ariana infantino

on 21 February 2015

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Transcript of My Travels/Where I want to go!

My Travels Cont.
Then when I was three and my baby brother was one years old we went to cube again, but just me ,my mom, my dad and my brother.
Another place I really want to go to is Hawaii.I've heard many good things about the state and have wanted to go there ever since.
Where I want to go!!! :)
Thank you!
Another beautiful place I want to visit is Sicily,Italy. My parents went there for their honeymoon,apperently its beautiful
My Travels/Where I want to go
By: Ariana Mia Infantino
I am so ashamed I still have never visited Disney Land . :( I've always known about it but i've never gone.(i'm 10) One ride I really want to try is the Ellen's Super Energy Ride.
My Travels!!!
When I was a little girl(1 years old)
I went to Cuba with my mom,dad,
nonna,and nonno. My mom was pregnant with my brother
In Florida
When we went to Florida I was about nine and my brother was seven.We went for a week and three days. It was really fun. My moms parents have a condo in Florida and my dads parents have a condo in Florida.
I really want to go to Fiji. I heard about it in my favourite movie called Aquamarine. Then I looked the island up and thought it looked beautiful. So I want to go there.

Disney Land
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