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How did the Great Depression affect countries world wide.

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christopher thompson

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of How did the Great Depression affect countries world wide.

The Chinese Government had distanced themselves from the economy of their people but after the Great Depression, took deep interest and had a very powerful intervention.
How did the Great Depression affect countries worldwide?
By Chris, Claudia, & Celeste.
Why did the Great Depression affect countries abroad?
The main reasons that the Great Depression affected other countries are:
Loans from America being called back.
Trading with America being stopped.
There was an average of 19% unemployment all around Canada.

Many teachers were forced out of work as the government could not afford to pay them.
South America
The Great Depression affected Europe differently in different places.
The Netherlands
Depression started later and more gradually than in other countries, but lasted longer
-1931 - 1937
-Refusal to drop the Gold Standard
It caused Germany to begin invading its neighboring countries.

Countries such as Germany, Japan and Italy began to favour more dictatorship style leaders such as Mussolini and Hitler.
Brazil had suffered badly from the devaluation of coffee, its main commodity at the time.
Most South American countries had established a strong trade dependency with the U.S. which caused them to suffer greatly from the depression.
The scale of the damage to other countries
Chile had also suffered, and was declared by the League of Nations to be the worst affected nation!
United Kingdom
In the Southwest and Midland areas of England, there had been a spike of unemployment (13.5%) but it ended early in the 1930s.

The Northern areas had felt a much worse depression from 1934 to 1935.
Began to be affected by 1931
Damage was less due to high self sufficiency
Asia was impacted very
little by the Great Depression
as it moved quickly and efficiently to stop it.
Japan was the first country to implement the economic policies that would then be used to help other countries.
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