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Meredith Grey Personality Analysis

No description

Sam J

on 22 December 2014

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Transcript of Meredith Grey Personality Analysis


Personality Analysis
Psychoanalytic Theory
Humanistic Hiearchy of Needs
Sam Jalowicz
Main Characters
Meredith Grey- Main Character
Derek Shepard-Neurosurgeon married to Meredith, divorced from his previous wife Addison who showed up (still married to him) while he and Meredith were together, creating distrust between the two of them
Addison Montgomery Shepard- Married to Derek but cheated on him with his best friend Mark Sloane; she moves to California later to get away
Ellis Grey- Meredith's mom who cheated on her dad with her co-worker Richard Weber, who is now Seattle Grace Hospital's cheif and Meredith's boss; Ellis had Alzheimers and Richard went to check on her without Merediths knowledge (she is now deceased)
Thatcher Grey- Merediths dad who left her and her mom and remarried and had other kids; when his new wife died under Merediths care, he started to drink and get violent
Richard Weber- Meredith's boss and the man who ruined her parents marriage and caused Meredith's mom to slit her wrists in front of her when she
was younger
Lexi Grey- Meredith's half-sister from her fathers new marriage whom she wants nothing to do with at first; they work together at the hospital
Christina Yang- Meredith's best friend; the only person she tells everything too, and her co-workers are envious of their relationship
Izzie Stevens- Meredith's roommate who unintentionally killed a patient she was engaged too; she's now dying of cancer
George O'Malley- Meredith's other roommate who fails his intern test and has to repeat his internship, until the chief gives him a second chance and he passes (joins the army and dies on the way there)
Alex Karev- Merediths roommate after George moves out, who is married to Izzie and helps her get through her treatment
Miranda Bailey- Meredith, Christina, George, Izzie, and Alex's resident during their internship; now an attending
Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama that follows a group of surgical interns as they complete their internship and residency at Seattle Grace Hospital
from Meredith Grey's point of view
each episode has its own cases, but the storyline follows the characters lives both in and out of the hospital
the interns and residents fight over cases to scrub in on
Big 5
Meredith Grey
Family History
Work History
Issues and Goals
Freud's Theory-
merediths personality was formed in her early childhood, and she's not aware that her conscious decisions are actually her subconcious resulting from her mom always working and her dad leaving her as a child

parents got divorced when she was little, and her mom neglected her because she was always too busy at the hospital
her mom cheated on her dad with her co-worker Richard, who is now Meredith's boss and the Chief of Surgery
her dad left her and started a new family
she is now working with one of her dads other daughers that she didnt know about prior to her residency
grew up around the hospital
spent hours playing with her Anatomy Jane doll while her mom worked
rebellious teenager who drank excessively through college and graduation from medical school at Dartmouth
inevitably found her way back to medicine
interned under resident Miranda Bailey
became a resident and is now married to her superior, Derek Shepard
been neglected and abandoned which resulted in trust and commitment issues, and emotional instability
makes it hard for her to develop relationships, as she is unsure of how it will play out overall
wants to become a successful surgeon, as is apparent in the clinical trial she developed with Derek
Sigmund Freud
- unconsious drives behavior
her mother says “I raised you to be an extraordinary human being, how do you think I feel waking up five years later and you’re nothing but ordinary”
she consiously tries to forget about it, but when she is helping a patient after a ferry boat accident, she falls into the water & instead of swimming, she let herself drown
blames her moms actions for her problems
"do you ever feel like disappearing"
as of season 6, Meredith's primary level of fixation appears to be level four
she has recently married Derek
she is bing mentored by the cheif wo sees potental in her & respects her skills
She has advanced towards self actualization, but she isnt quite there yet
Neuroticsm - highest
emotionally unstable
easily irritated and moody

Openness - lowest
doesnt get close to people
trust issues
only tells Christina and Derek everything
Personality forms in ealy childhood when her dad left and her mom was always busy at the hospital

Id: unconsious urges and desires
Ego: balance between Id and Superego
Superego: moral gaurdian

Defence Mechanism: displacement - she takes her anger against Derek, Christina, and her mom out on her other friends and her interns
this video shows her resentment towards her mom
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