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Personal Project 2016-2017

Used with Grade 10 students in their induction to the Personal Project for 2016-2017.

Aloha Lavina

on 4 September 2016

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Transcript of Personal Project 2016-2017

Personal Project 2016-2017
Open minded
Risk taker

Culminating project before IB Diploma
Self directed inquiry into a topic of interest
Draws upon your disciplinary skills and knowledge and Approaches to Learning skills
Demonstrate organizational skills through time and self management
Communicate and collaborate with supervisor
Demonstrate information literacy, thinking and reflection
identify and explain a topic based on personal interest
Justify one global context for the project
Outline a clear, achievable, challenging goal
Create specifications that will be used to evaluate the project's outcome/product
Select varied, relevant sources to achieve the goal
evaluate sources
transfer and apply information
Create solutions
develop understandings in connection with project goal
evaluate the outcome against own specifications for success
Reflect on learning
Communicate the project clearly, coherently and concisely within required limits
Acknowledge sources according to MLA conventions
Share the project with AISZ Community
Copyright IBO.org
Components of Personal Project:
Process Journal
Personal Written Statement
The role of supervisors:
ensure the chosen personal project topic satisfies legal and ethical standards with regard to health and safety, confidentiality, human rights, animal welfare, and environmental issues
provide guidance to the students in the planning, research and completion of the personal project
confirm the authenticity of work submitted
assess the personal project according to the criteria
take part in internal standardization of assessment process
Support given to students:
guidelines about personal project
a timetable with guidelines
the assessment criteria
advice on how to keep and use a process journal
the importance of personal reflection and analysis
formative feedback
the importance of positive attitudes such as initiative, willingness to correct or perfect their work, responsibility and a sense of organization
the requirement for academic honesty
Support for you
Document your process
Select a topic of personal interest
Focus the personal project through a global context
Structure the Personal Project according to the information in the Guide 2016-2017
Respect word limits for the Report (1500-3500 words)
Fulfill ethical and academic requirements (Family Handbook 2016-2017)
Expectations of you
First Steps
What do I want to achieve?
What do I want others to understand through my work?
What impact do I want my project to have?
How can a specific global context enrich my project?
Starting your Inquiry:
Statement of inquiry
The Statement of inquiry is what your Personal Project will try to answer
It is within the context of your chosen global context
It allows you to pull together resources and research from different disciplines
Example Statements of inquiry
Travel opens minds and can also reinforce prejudice.
People make monuments to celebrate or elevate important events in their culture and history.
Arts are both a need and a luxury.
Language can unite and also divide.
Humor can heal the spirit.
Accurate decision making is a science.
American International School of Zagreb
Grade 10

Source: Personal Project Guide (IBO, 2016)
What is it, really?
How shall we begin this inquiry?
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