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Bon Jovi

No description

Hannah Brohman

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi
Greatest Hits
Over time, Bon Jovi has had many great songs and albums hitting the top charts, and some of the albums being: Inside Out, The Circle, Lost Highway, Cross Road, and more. Also, some of these songs being, Runaway, I'll Be There For You, and Born To Be My Baby. Some songs that you may even know, although they were produced in the 1980s may be: Livin' On A Prayer, and Because We Can.
What type of music does
Bon Jovi produce?
Bon Jovi and his band produce 2 similar types of music. These 2 types are: Hair Metal and Stadium Rock. Hair Medal is a kind of heavy metal, and Stadium Rock is a genre of music that is used at sporting events to pump up the crowd and players to get all excited and ready for their game! Bon Jovi's music style is mostly targeted towards adults, but it can be enjoyed by anyone that likes heavy metal, or stadium rock.
Who is Bon Jovi?
Jon Bon Jovi is a main person in the band, and he started playing musical instruments in 1975. Loving his music career he met up with an already formed band called "Atlantic City Expressway". Together they played music in clubs, pubs, parties, etc. They were amazing playing together and soon eventually decided to form into a band in 1980 and naming them selves Bon Jovi, with Jon Bon Jovi being the main performer. Although the show is not only about him there are other members that are a significant contribution. The lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player is Richie Sambora who loves his job very much and is a very important member.Tico Tomes is the drum player so he is extremely fast thinking and well coordinated with his hands...
Bon Jovi is one of the most popular singers of all times. He has created many songs that have became top hits over a short amount of time. Making 27 albums with many becoming worlds best or Americas best. He has performed in 50 different countries for over 34 million fans and sold 130 millon albums. Bon Jovi is an amazing band who has been an inspiration to millions of singers, songwriters, musicians and more.
... David Bryan is also a member of the band who is talented for his piano and keyboard skills and backing vocal skills...never forgetting Jon Bon Jovi the main vocalist, the rhythm guitar, and the acoustic guitar player . All in all they are all very well and highly thought of in the band Bon Jovi they are all very talented for their musical skills and perfections!

Extra Info
Bon Jovi's last tour was in 2013. It started on February 10th and ended on December 30th. His schedule was packed with concerts every night and he was always exhausted. He visited places including: Australia, Japan, New York, Finland, and more.
Jon Bon Jovi was born 1962 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. At the age of 13 Jon Bon Jovi started by playing piano and guitar and at the age of 16 he began getting more into it and playing in different places with different bands. In 1983 he formed with his band members to this day, in New Jersey. The band came out with their very first debut album together and their very first hit single called "Runaway" in January 21st 1984. Through their years they have accomplished so much and inspired so much. With Jon Bon Jovi having 4 kids and his wife and him still together while still carrying on and producing more for their music career, they have done so much as a band and as the individuals in the band.
Tico Tomes
David Bryan
Richie Sambora
Jon Bon Jovi
This is Them at 2013 tour
This is one of Bon Jovi's most popular songs that many of you should know... called "Livin On A Prayer"
Current band members
Thank you so much for listening and enjoying our presentation. I really hope you learned a lot about the band Bon Jovi and you will begin to enjoy his music a bit more, considering how much you now know about the band. I hope it was all worth while and ROCK ON!
By:Hannah and Lindsay
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