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Tikit _ V1 _14_12_2015

All the technology you need to succeed

John Barlow

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Tikit _ V1 _14_12_2015

We all inhabit a fast-moving, complicated world.
One where technology is rapidly changing how we work.
supplies all the technology solutions you need to succeed.
All the technology you need to succeed
What firms need
Today’s firms need:
Today’s firms need:
a competitive edge
And lawyers want to focus on clients.
Tikit provides all the technology needed by law firms globally and we have been doing this for over 20 years.
13 of the top 20 European firms
Over 60% of the AM Law 100
90 of the top 100 UK law firms
More than 600 mid market UK firms
Tikit is a trusted technology partner to:
And we already had ? clients in Australia before we even opened our office there!
There are more than 200,000 users of Tikit software worldwide.
We have an international presence, so can help your business wherever you are.


Tikit has firm foundations.
Founded 1994
AIM listed in 2001
Acquired TFB in 2008
Acquired by BT in 2013
Global Presence
"Based on the feedback and my own observation in terms of doing business with them, I would recommend Tikit. It's been a good relationship and hopefully it will continue for a long time to come."

Larry Liss
Chief techology Officer
Blank Rome LLP
"Tikit's Carpe Diem is the No. 1 timekeeping solution for firms of 700 attorneys or more."

ILTA Technology Survey
"Tikit has an exceptional team and Tikit TMS
has introduced us to a new way of working with templates which is much more effective.
We would absolutely recommend working with Tikit to other firms and colleagues."

Nancy MacDonald
Technology Services
Manager Coulston & Storrs
Tikit understands that you operate in an increasingly competitive world.
We provide solutions that meet all the technology needs of your firm.
Our market-leading solutions help firms become more profitable
Our solutions help firms stay connected.
Content management and marketing portal
Contact management
Email marketing
- Document lifecycle management
We help firms to maximise efficiency.
- Practice and case management software
We help firms grab competitive advantage with innovative solutions
- Contract analytics
Our market-leading solutions help firms become more profitable

- Industry leading desktop and mobile time recording
Our market-leading solutions help firms become more profitable
- Sophisticated reporting and analytics
- Seamless integration with a firms billing software
- IT and systems training
Tikit enables firms to be tech savvy and thus more competitive
- You gain a depth of resilience and security
that simply isn’t available elsewhere.
Tikit is uniquely strong

- We have highly skilled professional services and IT support teams
that provide a consistently high quality of support to our clients, 24/7

- You benefit from BT’s network and communications solutions,
its R&D and its infrastructure
Tikit makes technology work for law firms globally
For more on Tikit’s wide range of services see:

Or contact:

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