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Erika Guerette

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Ohio

Ohio Voting History of Ohio
John F. Kennedy: Elected
Electoral Votes: 303
Popular Votes: 34,227,096 Advertising Continued Advertising has increased dramatically throughout the past few months

During the week of October 29, 2012, Obama’s campaign spent $3,542,275 on advertising while Romney’s campaign spent $6,195,226 Issues of Importance Cars



College Cars Ohio is a large contributer to the auto industry

Many parts are made in Ohio

Ohio has a higher rate of unemployment than the rest of the country because of the struggling auto industry

Auto Bailout greatly impacted Ohio

Romney: supported letting the auto companies go bankrupt

Obama: advocated for the bailout Coal Ohio uses coal for 80% of its energy

Rest of the nation uses coal for 40% of their energy

Important to continue coal use because it is cheap and commonly used in Ohio

Both candidates largely support the use of coal despite environmental effects China Ohio is a major manufacturing state

Ohio sees China as competition and a major threat

Chinese currency abuses have made Ohio uncompetitive in the market

Both campaigns have tried to convince Ohioans that the other candidate has not done enough to control China

Romney: vows to definitely stop China's unfair practices

Obama: points to Romney's investments in Chinese companies as a sign of supporting China College Ohio has the fifth highest number of colleges in the country

Many college students place emphasis on the student vote

These students are concerned with affordability of school and job opportunity after gradutation

Obama: Student Loan Forgiveness Plan (not required to pay back total amount, more funding resources)

Romney: Says this plan is unrealistic and he cannot promise that people won't have to pay off loans Polling in Ohio Rasmussen Reports Advertising Columbus, Ohio is the largest city in a big swing state

Political ads are on the air in Columbus all the time

2010: viewers in 22 counties that make up Columbus were exposed to 43,134 political ads

2011: viewers saw about 16,111 ads (an average of 44 spots per day)

Obama started running his ads for the 2012 election in Columbus 4 months ago Advertising Continued 2,588 ads have been running since March, 2011 which has cost about $2.16 million

Borrell Associates predict political campaigns are going to spend $9.8 billion on this year’s elections (half of the money will go to TV ads)

Ohio has 8 media markets

Ohio will spend around $391 million on ads 1960
Lyndon B. Johnson: Elected
Electoral Votes: 486
Popular Votes: 42,825,463 1964 Richard M. Nixon
Electoral Votes: 219
Popular Votes: 34,107,646 Voting History Continued Barry M. Goldwater
Electoral Votes: 52
Popular Votes: 27,146,969 Voting History Continued Richard M. Nixon: Elected
Electoral Votes: 301
Popular Votes: 31,710,470
Hubert H. Humphrey
Electoral Votes: 191
Popular Votes: 30,898,055 Voting History Continued
Richard M. Nixon: Elected
Electoral Votes: 520
Popular Votes: 46,740,323 George McGovern
Electoral Votes: 17
Popular Votes: 28,901,598 1972 1968 Media company that collects, publishes, and distributes public opinion

Reliable source of information

Generates original public opinion data that is relevant, timely and accurate

Conducts tracking surveys from political to lifestyle issues

“If it’s in the news, it’s in our polls” How Polls Work Calls are placed to random phone numbers

Chosen to represent a geographic area

No landline telephones: online survey tool

Questions are digitally recorded and played during phone calls

Same question, same voice, same voice inflection

Data is processed through a weighting program

Ensure that the sample accurately reflects the overall population After the Final Presidential Debate Barack Obama has a slight edge over Mitt Romney
Obama: 49%
Romney: 47% 1980 Ronald Reagan: Elected
Electoral Votes: 489
Popular Votes: 43,901,812 1976 Jimmy Carter: Elected
Electoral Votes: 297
Popular Votes: 40,825,839 Gerald R. Ford
Electoral Votes: 240
Popular Votes: 39,147,770 Jimmy Carter
Electoral Votes: 49
Popular Votes: 35,483,820 Voting History Continued Voting History Continued Voting History Continued Ronald Reagan: Elected (Ohio)
Electoral Votes: 525
Popular Votes: 54,455,000

Walter F. Mondale
Electoral Votes: 13
Popular Votes: 37,577,000 1984 George Bush: Elected (Ohio)
Electoral Votes: 426
Popular Votes: 47,946,00

Michael S. Dukakis
Electoral Votes: 111
Popular Votes: 41,016,000 1988 William J. Clinton: Elected (Ohio)
Electoral Votes: 370
Popular Votes: 44,908,254

George Bush
Electoral Votes: 168
Popular Votes: 39,102,343 1992 William J. Clinton: Elected (Ohio)
Electoral Votes: 379
Popular Votes: 45,590,703

Robert Dole
Electoral Votes: 159
Popular Votes: 37,816,307 1996 2000 Voting History Continued George W. Bush: Elected (Ohio)
Electoral Votes: 271
Popular Votes: 50,456,062

Albert Gore, Jr.
Electoral Votes: 266
Popular Votes: 50,996,582 George W. Bush: Elected (Ohio)
Electoral Votes: 286
Popular Votes: 62,039,073

John F. Kerry
Electoral Votes: 251
Popular Votes: 59,027,478 2004 Barack Obama: Elected (Ohio)
Electoral Votes: 365
Popular Votes: 69,456,897

John S. McCain
Electoral Votes: 173
Popular Votes: 59,934,814 2008 Ohio's Decision Polling Information Polling Information
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