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Adidas vs Nike

No description

Raven Kan

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Adidas vs Nike

Adidas vs Nike
Nike Inc
Adidas Work-Life Integration
Workers Strike at Shoe Factory Over Benefits Dispute
As many as 40,000 workers in Dongguan have been on strike in early April
Market Battle
Adidas SWOT Analysis
Strength: Strong and innovative marketing since years have created a strong brand retention in the minds of customers; The company sponsors major sporting events including Olympics and major sportsmen and teams.

Weakness: The products can sometimes be costly due to innovative technology or production method

Opportunity: The company can venture into making more stylish designs and cuts

Threat: Other brands offer more styles and varieties and even have a lower cost
Adidas Group
Category: Apparel and accessories

Slogan: Impossible is Nothing

Target Group: Men, women and children from urban upper-middle and upper class

Positioning: Adidas stands for passion for sports

Nike SWOT Analysis
Strength: Effective business relationship globally; Leading top of the mind brand with excellent innovative advertising and branding

Weakness: In Vietnam and China the company faced allegations of labor and wage laws with employees

Opportunity: Product expansion in areas like more concentration in sunglasses, sportswear etc. which gives high profit

Threat: Footwear market is so competitive, even fake imitations and replicas causing a serious problem
aim to harmonise the commercial interests of the adidas Group with the private and family needs of our employees

Flexible working time models

Family Work
Daycare center
The workers are demanding a 30-percent pay raise, a stronger commitment to future contributions and the right to choose their own workplace representatives.
In order to minimize the impact on our operations, we are currently reallocating some of the future orders originally allocated to Yue Yuen Dongguan to other suppliers.
Nike Culture
more than 30,000 people across the globe, from designers and marketers to compliance monitors and accountants, to retail employees

Every two years we conduct a global employee survey to measure what motivates and engages employees. Our last survey was conducted in FY09 (October 2008) and focused on measuring employee engagement and manager effectiveness.

NIKE, Inc. has an energized, engaged work force with a passion for the company, their consumers and their jobs

Employees are connected to the strategy and vision of NIKE, Inc. More than three-quarters reported that they see a clear link between their work and company objectives

Employees feel valued, that they are treated with respect, and would like to be more involved and empowered

Employees generally feel that someone at the company has made a personal investment in their growth and development; however, they want more career development, support and preparation

Employees reported having a good overall relationship with their managers and our people-management results were average for a large global company

Our key findings the results from previous surveys:
Category: Apparel, Sports Equipment and Accessories

Slogan: JUST DO IT!!!

Target Group: Men, women and children from urban upper-middle and upper class

Positioning: High quality, high price which gives satisfaction and comfort
Nike Air Jordan
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