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ESN WebManager 2.0

An ESNish event registration system

Ilias Tr

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of ESN WebManager 2.0

WebManager 2.0 The ESNish
event registration system A system where student registration becomes a piece of cake. Further improvements Finally LIVE
/webmanager ! First-things-first

Create/Edit/Delete student
Create/Edit/Delete event
Create/Edit/Delete registration Brainstorming Results Realisation Sketches Problem?
Use google docs to register students..

Too much efford
Too much time
Not reusable!
-- BORING -- Any ideas? How about storing all students' data somewhere? Then we wouldn't have to type their name ever again! Let's make a
Database! where we gather all students' related data (name, possession of esn card etc.) Awesome! Now what can we do with all these data? Use them to make our life easier ;) Create event
Search student
Assign student to an event
Check for ESN card
.... Key concepts: so we need a System or a website! tadaaaaaa! webmanager in the game! This system should implement all the key concepts

Easy creation of events
Register student with a few clicks
Prevent data loss - mistakes - trustful
Easy exportable PDF exportable list
Update student data on the fly
Control/Validation during registration
Accessible for all
Fun stuff ;) webmanager 1.0 -> 2.0 ! create event browse events help? registration
process FUN stuff! Student info
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