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Career Shadowing: Caitlyn Cadiz

Career Shadpwing- 4/16/10

Caitlyn Cadiz

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing: Caitlyn Cadiz

Caitlyn Cadiz
Career Shadowing
4/16/10 The purpose of this company is teach young children how to not drown in the water when they fall in or are pushed in. Where will this company be in 15 years?
She plans on her company to go nation wide. She hopes that one day there will be a company like hers in every country around the world. What employability skills are needed to work for this company?
Be on time/not tardy(you are on a schedule every day)
Dress code(wear one peice with shirt and shorts)
Peer cooperation
Average salary and education needed to work there ?
She makes 80 dollars from each child. She does about 10-12 infants and toddlers each day.
Technology used in this job ?
There is no technolgy really used in this job. Skills (job-related and social etiquette) needed for this job ?
You need to know how to communicate with your clients
Handle and understand children
She has to go through certain training to teach the infants and toddlers

Would you pursue a career with this company?
I would love to pursue a career for this company because it gives me an oppurtunity to help save children's lives. I feel that every parent should do this for kids. If I pursue this job I would help teach that child to if he/she is pushed or falls into the water, how to not drown. What did you like best about this job?
What I liked best about this career is that you are helping toddlers and infants and possibly saving their lives one day. What did you dislike about this job?
I dislike this job because some of the kids are not as great at handling being taught in the water and they cry. When they cry it makes me feel really upset. Swim 4 Life
Veronica Kerst
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