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electricity project

No description

jenna thompson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of electricity project

My electricity project static and current electricity what is static and current electricity ?
Static electricity is like a sort of energy
like when you slide across the rug and then
when you reach for the door knob ....................ZAP
and then you get a shock. It is all so like when you
take of your hat and then your hair goes flying every
where or its like when you rub a balloon agenst your
head and then when you let go of the balloon it sticks
to your head. current electricity is in the walls and connects
to all of our devices like computers, tv's, telephones, radios,
and e.t.c.
why do we need electricity ? we need electricity but not all of the time the reason why is
because we provied electricity too. we provied electricity by
riding our bikes and by getting exersizewe also provied
electricity for our body. thank you and i hoped you
enjoyed my project on electricity
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