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Our interrail trip

No description

Julina Thomasfolk

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Our interrail trip

Our interrail trip
Three-Country Cairn
We thought that sounded interesting and decided to go with the boat ''Malla''. It took about 45 minutes to arrive at Koltaluokta, which is an old Saami camp. The boat stayed in land for two hours and that was the time we had to walk to the ''Three-country Cairn'' and back. It was really cool to be able to be in three countries at the same time.
We came back to the hotel in the evening and orded a hamburger with reindeer meat. It was really delicous.
We went to bed early because the train left 04.00 a.m.
Day 2: Travel day

At 04.00 a.m. the train left from kilpisjärvi to Rovaniemi. We only stayed in Rovaniemi for 45 minutes, during that time we visited some souvenir shops and grabbed a subway on the go. We took a 8 hours train to Tampere there we switched train to Turku. We arrived to Turku at 12 p.m. From there we took a bus to Naantali (Nådendal). We arrived to the hotel very late so we went straight to bed.

Day 3: Moominvalley and spa

We woke up in our presidentsuite on the highest floor, we had a wonderful view over the sea.
We woke up early so we could do a lot of things this day. The day started with a delicious breakfast and then we headed out to the Moominvalley where we spent about 5 hours. It was really fun there.
We were pretty tired in our legs afterwards so we decided to go to the spa at the hotel. We got massage and a face treatment.
After the spatreatment we checked out from the hotel and took the bus to the harbor in Turku, because we were going to take the boat to Åland.
On the boat we shopped in the Tax free and had dinner at the Buffé. We arrived to Åland in the middle of the night, then we took a taxi to our hotel – Strandnäs Hotel – which is located in Mariehamn

Day 4: Museum and Pancake
When we woke up we went to a café nearby to have some breakfast, when we had eaten we went to Åland’s tourist information at Storagatan to find out when all the different museums open, one of the cultural museums in Mariehamn had just opened so we decided to go there. We spent a few hours on the museum and then it was time for lunch, we had a pancake from Åland each on a nice café.
Day 1: Kilpisjärvi
We arrived to our cabin in Kilpisjärvi on Tuesday morning and our cabin was right by the river Kilpisjärvi. We went to the restaurant and had some breakfast.
After that we decided to go hiking to the Saana mountain and we packed some picnic stuff to take along. It took about two hours to reach the top. At the top we had the picnic we brought and had a good time.

We came back to the cabin at the afternoon and then we rested a while. We asked the staff at the hotel for some tips, what we could do in Kilpisjärvi.
They recommended us to take a boat out to ''Three-
Country Cairn'', which is the point where the borders of Sweden, Finland and Norway meets.
Still day 4: The ferry and beautiful sights
After we had lunch we were quite tired so we wanted to take the archipelago ferry to one of the small islands close to Åland. On the boat we took a lot of nice pictures, the ferry stopped on numerous islands but we only got off on one of them. When we came back we wanted to shop a bit so we took a bus from the harbor to Maxinge, where we also had dinner. Then we had to hurry back to our hotel to pack and get ready for our flight to Stockholm, were we changed to a bigger flight that would take us home to Mexico.
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