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Melody Lee

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Design

By: Melody, Crystal and Rona

Fashion Design
Graphic Design
The sub-branches of Fashion design:
--- Costume designer
--- Jewelry designer
--- Textile designer
--- Pattern maker
--- Fashion designer
Solution Architect
Intern Architect
Activity Time!
Working Environment
- office
- retailers
- corporations
- manufacturers
- specific clients
There are few factors that will influence the salary of fashion designer:

- industry
- company size
- location
- years of experience
- level of education

Opportunity for advancement
Design Assistant
- an entry level fashion design opportunity

Assistant Designer

Associate Designer

Technical Designer

Head Designer
pros and cons
- Good pays and consistent income
- Flexibility
- A great way to express yourself
- Enhance your creativity
- Frequent travel opportunities
types of traits
1. Artistic ability
2. Creativity
3. Communication
4. Computer skills
5. Sewing skills (includes a number of professional learning)-
Salary (Average)
Profit sharing
Total pay

Resource is updated on Sep.2,2014
Comes from: Payscale
("Graphic Designer")
Opportunity For Advancement
Why it's Important
Graphic Design is a creative process combining art and technology together to communicate ideas through print and electronic media ("Graphic Designers: Career")
- Long work time required
- High demand and stress (need to deal with variety of issues such us criticism )
- Takes a great amount of hard work to prove your worth

Types of Architects
Graphic Design
Professional in creating appealing visual elements ("Graphic Designers: Career")
Working alone or in teams, along with companies ("Graphic")
Advertisements, magazines, logos, packaging, brochures, websites, etc.
Occupation involved: illustrator, photographer, web designer, animator, multimedia artists, etc.
Intern Architect: An architect majoring in a specific field. They make less money than solution architects, but they do less work. They do not need to obtain a professional degree. Usually are doing this for experience.
Solution Architect: Does a combination of roles. They make more money, but they do more work than Intern Architects. They need a professional degree.
Personality traits:

1. Self-motivation
2. Strong attention to detail
3. Strong organization
4. Ability to communicate with other designers
5. Strong sense of color and print/ good understanding of texture and fabric quality
4. Be able to deal with stress
Types of roles:
Naval-prepare drawing/reports of ships/boating veichles
Landscape-emphasizes natural features
Building-creates blueprints of every single detail of the building (air conditioning, pipes, windows, etc.)
Software- build data-driven software by using the latest technology in software design and development
Working Environment
Opportunity for Development
-Population growth
-reduction of hazards
-energy usage
Pros & Cons
six months
Types of Traits
3 or more years
At least 5 years
Fashion design
Fashion designer works on several things. One of the major is working on clothing item. Other particular may focus on children swear, sportswear or accessories.
Education Requirements
There are three types of degrees:
1. Associate's Degree--- an entry-level position for design field. (pattern maker, fashion designer, a sketching assistant)
2. Bachelor's Degree--- an entry-level or a mid-level position
3. Master's Degree--- an upper-level fashion career in design field (It can open up a number of opportuities )
Fashion designers are generally required to have at least a two-year
associate degree
. A four-year
bachelor's degree
is more common. It depends on what type of occupation you are pursuing.
What do we need for applying?
Anyone with graphic design skills can become a graphic designer
Associate degree or Bachelor’s degree in graphic design is usually recommended
Degrees can be earned at specialty art schools or universities
Design colleges also offer associate's degrees and certificates ("Graphic Designer Training")
It depends on different universities/colleges.
The resource from Ryerson University (Bachelor's Degree)
Ontario Secondary School Diploma(OSSD)or equivalent
with a
six Grade 12 U or M courses including the following program specific requirements:
* English (ENG4U/EAE 4U preferred)
* Grade 11 U or M or Grade 12 U Mathematics (one of: MCF3M, MCR3U, MHF4U, MCV4U, MDM4U)
* Recommended: Visual Art e.g. Life and/or Mechanical Drawing and Art History
Visual, oral and communication skills
Problem-solving skills
High attention to detail
Works indoor
In office or studio space
Required to work long hours in front of computers

Salary will be depending on:
Organization or company size
Level of education
Work experience
1 to 3 years of working experience is usually required before moving on to a higher position
Entry-Level (0-5 yrs)
Mid-Career (5-10 yrs)
Experienced (10-20 yrs)
Late-Career (>20 yrs)
Salary (Average):
C$30,426 - C$54,987
C$0.00 - C$2,990
Profit sharing:
C$99.33 - C$4,894
Total pay:
C$29,573 - C$56,813

Resource is updated on Sept.2, 2014
Comes from: Payscale
("Graphic Designer Training")
Competency in a range of design programs (certification in tech tools such as Photoshop)
Ability to work well under pressure and to tight deadlines
2. List three cons of being a Fashion designer
1.How long should we need from Design Assistant to Assistant Designer?
A. 5 months
B. 3 months
C. 6 months
D.One year
4. What's the average salary for Graphic Design?
A. About C$30,000 - C$55,000
B. About C$40,000 - C$50,000
c. About C$50,000 - C$65,000
Assistant art director or art director
Design director
Chief designer
Creative director of an art or design department
Teachers at design schools or in colleges and universities
Specialist in certain area of graphic design (i.e website design)
("Graphic Designers Overview")
Low salary comparing to other fields
Need to be creative and self-discipline
Often work under pressure and stress
Need to have a good time management skill
Repetitive physical activities
Long hours work required
Work must be exact
Develop communication skills
Enhance your creativity
Get to share your ideas freely
Communicate or send messages using graphics
Get to have coworkers and collaboration with others
("The Pros")
("Graphic Designers")
5. What are 3 types of traits you will need to become a Graphic Designer?
Thank you for listening our presentation!
6. How much years of working experience is needed for a graphic designer to move on to a higher position?
3. How many years do we need to get an Associate's Degree generally?
Profit Sharing:
Total Pay:
Factors affecting salary:
-number of hours
-type of architect
Senior Principal
Mid-Level Principal
Junior Principal
Department Head
Project Manager
Senior Architect
Architect Design 2
Architect Design 1
Profit Sharing:
Total Pay:
The class is going to be divided into 2 teams
Each team need to choose a representative who is good at drawing
Within a minute, the representative of each team need to draw whatever they have in their cards and the teams will need to guess
The team who got the most answers wins
We will have 2 or 3 rounds in total
*The representative could not have any verbal communication with his/her team or write letters during the games
Factors Affecting Salary:
-number of hours
Architecture is building a carefully designed structure of any kind. It can be a building, the structure of a ship, or software.
7. What is Architecture?
A. The building of a carefully designed Structure
B. Designing on the computer
8. What is the difference between Intern Architects and Solution Architects?
-get to move around
-does different things
-meet new people

-bad job security
-low pay

-does different things
-meet new people
-making a difference in the community
-low pay considering the amount of education
-bad job security
-lots of work required
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