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Is Surfing Too Dangerous

No description

Alani Boyd

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Is Surfing Too Dangerous

Is Surfing Too Dangerous Introduction Skin Damage Debate#2 Your feet and hands are some of the most popular places to injure. Sprains are the most frequent injuries reported. In a survey,5 out of 6 people say that their biggest fear of surfing are shark attacks,and 1 out of 6 say that falling off their surfboard is their biggest fear of surfing.The shoulder is the most undefended thing to overuse.Eye damage is one of the most grim injuries.It is usually caused by a surfboard tip. Background Surfing was created in Hawaii. It is one of the world’s oldest sports. Surfing was started in the Pacific Islands.Fishermen were the first surfers.
It was discovered for the first time outside of Hawaii, in the late 1770s. It was also first seen by Englishmen..“By the 1960’s surfing was one of the world’s most famous sports. Even though surfing sounds bad and scary,it still has some good things about it.The other debate about surfing is that it is not too dangerous. By Alani Boyd Sharks Debate#1 There are many debates about surfing.One of them is whether surfing is too dangerous or is it not too dangerous? Even though surfing is really fun and cool , it is very dangerous because deaths from shark attacks and there are alot of injuries.
My data and results will help figure it out. People have different opinions of surfing.One opinion is that surfing is too dangerous Surfers spend alot of time in the sun, so they could also get a sunburn and skin cancer.Cancer is a very bad tumor that spreads.You can even die from it,but surfers have a special sunscreen made for them that helps them avoid skin damage. One reason surfing is dangerous is because of shark attacks.Professor Jeff Rosenthal says”Your chances of getting attacked is 1 in 9 million and less than one American per year is killed by a shark’’.Surfers should try to’ stay away from dead fish and dead animals.They should at least try not to surf at dawn or night time to avoid shark attacks. If they see a shark,surfers have to get out of the ocean fast , so they don’t get bit.
The average for the US are 16 shark attacks each year.Alot of sharks eat and hunt at night.
Sharks sometimes think surfboards are prey.That is usually why they attack people surfing.Splashing also draws in sharks because it shows a prey in pain.If a surfer is paddling,they have a high chance of getting eaten. Surfers should never wear jewelry because sharks are attracted to bright and shiny things.Surfing can also cause alot of injuries.
That is why surfers have to follow very strict rules to stay safe.They must try to always stay away from dead animals because sharks like to eat them. A great number of surfers get wounded by surfing. If they do,they need to get out of the water immediately because blood draws in sharks within a 1 mile radius. Injuries Preventing Injuries Some surfers are aware of injuries and have ways to prevent them.For example,many surfers choose to ride soft top surfboards to be preventive against head trauma. Sun Health By surfing,you can also get vitamin D.Your body makes it by the sun making a chemical in our skin,then,it travels to your liver, and lastly,your kidney makes it to vitamin D in motion.Another good thing about surfing is that the sun gives you alot of energy.When you are not surfing,you should get some sun,but not too much. You can prevent UV rays by avoiding too much sunlight by wearing sunscreen,a hat,and sunglasses. You could even use an umbrella if you wanted to. Body Health A 150 lb. person burns about 214 calories per hour while surfing,and after 30 minutes of surfing,it raises your positive attitude. Even though surfers are generally the most resistant to stretching,it will save your body from injuries.There are very surprising and astonishing injuries every 1,000 hours of surfing. Conclusion Although surfing can be relaxing and cool ,I think it is too dangerous because all the people that die from it,and alot of permanent injuries.
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