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afghan culture and arts

No description

mayuran sritharaun

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of afghan culture and arts

Afghanistan Toronto Arts & Cultures F E S T I V A L S Eid e Qurban : Month of Ramadan is whole month of sacrifice Nowroz: (New year Festival)
first day of spring in the solar calendar. Nowroz is the largest and best known festival in Afghanistan Buzkashi: The national sport of afghanistan Buzkashi means literally "goat killing" Game originated by from Ghengis kan Afghan cuisine is enriched with spices and rich in aroma Afghan cuisine is influence by Indian, Persian, and Middle Eastern types of food Appetizers/ Side Dishes Bolaanee (Potato Bread)
Chutney (Spices)
Salaata (Afghan salad)
Sabzi (Spinach)
Challow (White rice) Dogh (Yogurt drink)
Chai (tea ) Drinks Entrees Chapli Kabobs
Qaabuli Pallow
Kofta Challow
Buraani Bonjon
nan9 (afghan beard) Desserts Sheer yakh (Afghan ice cream)
Kishmish Panir (Cheese with Raisins)
Rote (Afghan sweet bread) Traditional Clothing Lungee (Turban) Chapan (Coat) Music Afghanistan's Arts
Culture -Music -Festivals -Sports & Entertainment Jashyn- Independence day
The British relinquished their control on the foreign affairs of Afghanistan in 1919 Attan -Clothing Before Taliban Before the Taliban:
The woman of Afghanistan Afghanistan people wore more
western clothing before the invasion of the Talibans This is a topi (hat)
worn in Afghanistan After Taliban took over Today, the women in Afghanistan are forced to wear Burqas because of the Talibans Classical Music: called Klasik Pop Music , was famous in the late 1900s but quickly faded away due to the Talibans and their religious beliefs Classical and Folk is most famous today and was for a very long period of time Women weren't allowed to watch the games due to religious belief The name was derived by a form of hunting mountain goats and being on a horse. (end of Ramadan) is the most important festival in Afghanistan October-December -August 19th. Ramadan: September-November During the holy month of Ramadan Afghans don't take food or drinks during the day. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar January-March Ahmad Zahir was a singer, songwriter, and composer from Afghanistan. He is widely considered an icon of Afghan music and is sometimes called the "King of Afghan music". However, Ahmad Zahir had passed away (been murdered) but his music is still extremely famous in Afghanistan today. FAMOUS AFGHAN ARTIST It's considered the national dance of Afghanistan It is performed by groups of ten or more to the accompaniment of the large dhol(musical instrument) usually played with sticks and sometimes the sorna (double reed pipe) This dance usually occurs during weddings and other happy occasions Superstitions Most traditional Afghan dresses for women consists of a long colorful dress with round skirt. Men Traditional Clothing Women Young girls cover their hair with light colorful piece of cloth instruments sitar Harmonium tabla Music Black: Darkness of the past and history of Afghanistan Superstitions are what make up a culture, here are some... Red: Bloodshed and war
in the history of Afghanistan Green: Hope, Prosperity, and a Bright future, and the colour of Islam --Don't open and close scissors with no reason, a fight may start
-- If one walks under a rainbow, a sex change will occur.
--If you draw lines on the ground you will be in debt.
--If you jingle keys a fight will start
--If ones palm itches, they will obtain money.
-- If one chews gum, their beard will grow uneven
There are many more superstitions in Afghanistan culture, these are just a few interesting ones. DID YOU KNOW ? Farhad 'Darya' Nasher is from Kunduz, Afghanistan.
Nasher is an Afghan singer and composer and is one of the most famous artist in afghanistan Farhad 'Darya' Nasher Mayuran Kaveh Tristan Kadeem Thanks for Watching He was like the Elvis of Afghanistan Sports and Enterntainment Afghan Food and Dishes The emblem consists of an Arabic religious inscription and below it lays a mosque with a prayer mat inside it facing Mecca. There are two flags attached to the mosque which represent flags of Afghanistan. Underneath the mosque is an inscription stating the name of the nation and surrounding the mosque are sheaves of wheat. Buzkashi is commonly played in kataghan, province of Maimana BEFORE THE TALIBAN
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