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Terrestrial Ecosystem: Tropical Rain Forest

No description

adrianna mitchell

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Terrestrial Ecosystem: Tropical Rain Forest

The sun is the main source. Nothing would be able to survive without the sun.
Kapok Tree, Ecualyptus Tree, and Orchids are some of many producers in the Amazon Tropical Rain Forest.

Primary Consumers
Howler monkey, Tapir, Leaf-cutter Ant, Three-toed Sloth, Iguana. These animals and insects are primary consumers and are herbivores.
Secondary Consumers
Vampire Bats, Venus Fly trap, Black Tarantula, Red Bellied Piranha, Green Anaconda. The plants and animals are secondary consumers. They only eat meat so they are carnivores.
Terrestrial Ecosystem: Amazon Tropical Rain Forest
One decomposer is a Partula Snail. A decomposer breaks down dead plants and animals.
A Tucan is a scavenger. Scavengers are animals that feed on dead plants and animal.
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