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Howard Battersby

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of SMART HOMES

By Saoirse Garvey
The Kitchen
Two decades ago, you would have had in your kitchen, a simple oven, a dining table and chairs, a fridge, some cupboards and a few other things.
But now you can fit
all of that and much
more into this small
compacted surface! Also, there have been many kitchen technologies since then as well.
The Bathroom
In victorian times
you wouldn't have had a proper bathroom, just a chamber pot, a tin bath and a sink.
Now, the japanese
have created
talking toilets and smart baths that can save your favourite
tempretures and
load them when your ready.
The Bedroom
In Victorian you would just have had a simple bed, a dressing table, a bedside table and lamp and a chest of drawers and maybe a small chair/sofa. And that was if you had money.
If you were poor you wouldn.t have half of those things.
But now there are beds that can
measure your body heat to keep
you perfectly cool and mirrors that can show you the clothes in your wardrobe. And there are
lots of technologies in the modern
bedroom such as TVs, CD players
and gaming consoles.
Thats all folks!

Thanks for watching
Then and Now!
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