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11.4 Black Men Fight For The Union

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Elton Smith

on 5 December 2017

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Transcript of 11.4 Black Men Fight For The Union

Two Wars
Blacks had to fight war against confederates and war against white northerners not believing in them.
Black troops suffered the most deaths.
White Man's War
Steps in the right direction
Second Confiscation Act & Milita Act of 1862 authorize Lincoln to enlist blacks in military.
Thomas Higginson who was apart of the secret six train the rest the Generals left over crew.
The First South Carolina Volunteers were introduced the same day the Emancipation was signed on January 1, 1863.
Later the Volunteers became 33rd U.S. Colored Infantry.
Louisiana Native Guard
When Louisiana became seceded to the Confederate more than 1,500 free black men joined the guard.
In 1862 the Native Guard reorganized in support of the Union cause.
Most black officers were replaced with whites due to lack of confidence in black from commander.
At the Assault of Port Hudson Black Officer Andre Callioux died and the attack failed but black solders proved themselves.
Fighting for more than just a war
Whites tolerated black soldiers
Whites rather blacks be killed then themselves.
White northers couldn't except that blacks could make it through war.
No equal pay
Black soldiers didn't except pay until it was equal of white counter parts.
11.4 Black Men Fight For The Union

54th Massachusetts Regiment
Most famous black regiment.
Made up of free northern black men.
The Black Committee help recruit black men such as the 54th Regiment.
Robert Shaw who was a black man and a Harvard graduate was the commander over the 54th Regiment
Whites felt that blacks weren't capable to fight in the war.
Though black men fought in the Revolution War technology they were not allowed to .
Milita Act of 1792 didn't allow blacks to join state military.
Slave to soldier
Some Union Officers would take black men before Emancipation was signed.
In 1862 General David Hunter begin to gather former slaves in South Carolina to join Union.
General would force black men who did n want to serve.
First South Carolina Volunteer were some of the first black men to join in Civil War.
Congress would not help General

Proving Ground
Battles such as the Battle of Wagner & Olustee showed that black regiments such as the 54th could be trusted.

Cruel & unusual punishment
Due to the fact the confederate wod kill any black union soldier of punish them if caught Lincoln issue General 11 for mistreatment of black soldiers by confederate.
Fort Pillow on the Mississippi River was the worst battle for any black solders.
300 union black troops and their commanders were killed.
Black Sailors
Black men were always in the navy since it's creation of it in 1790.
At one point more black men were sailors than whites.
Still was discrimination towards blacks.
USS Constellation referred to the 33 black sailors as "God damn niggers"
New York Riots
Irish Catholic American rioted for four days.
New York Governor Horatio Seymour convinced poor Irish northerners the war became a crusade for improvement of blacks.
When federal officials began to show who would be drafted in union army people began to riot.
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