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The Red Scare & Economy

No description

Scott Phillips

on 15 November 2010

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Transcript of The Red Scare & Economy

The Red scare and the 1950's
Senator from Wisconsin
Announced 205 gov. workers
were communist
House of Unamerican Activities Committee-
Brought alleged communists in front of Congress for questioning
Economic Boom
From 1945 to 1960...
average yearly income doubles
Gross National Product doubles
families owned more cars, houses
Religious Revival
"In God we trust" became motto of US in 1954

"Under God" added to Pledge of Allegiance

More church-goers than ever before

WHY?- took comfort in having higher power during
period of nuclear threats
- Communism- atheistic
Family Values
Television- "Many couples credit
television, which simultaneously eased
baby sitting, entertainment, and financial
problems, with having brought them closer"

Safety and Security- always stay on
the given path, it's the most familiar and sure

Women- job is support family/husband
-Teachers, secretaries, etc.
Joe McCarthy
Growth of Suburbs
Baby boomers- veterans from WWII come
home...birthrate increases
GI Bill of Rights- low interest mortgages and educational opportunities
Families move to away from cities for more
space and quiet
"so you read books do ya?"
Hollywood 10
Gov. accused Hollywood actors/writers for spreading communism
Many were blacklisted. Those accused lost jobs and reputations
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