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Effects of Berlin Conference

No description

David Fox

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Effects of Berlin Conference

Do Now Look at the map on p. 343 to answer the questions. 1. How does imperialism in Africa in 1878 compare with that in 1913? 2. What does the map of ethnic boundaries suggest about the number of ethnic groups in Africa in 1913? Which countries have the most territory? What part of the continent do the French control? Objective: To explain 4 ways imperialism affects Africans after the Berlin Conference. When was the Berlin Conference? What was it? Vocab Walk Write the definition of the word on the back of the card. imperialism - when one country takes over another country

paternalism - when Europeans governed like parents by giving people needs to live, but not rights.

Boer War - a war between the British and Dutch (Boers) over South Africa

colonial rule - when one territory is under the control of a government that is far away assimilation - adapting to a new culture famine - a lack of food, lots of people starve 30 seconds Direct vs. Indirect Control 1. Which type of control used local people to run the daily business? __________

2. Which type of control thought Africans could not handle the complex business of running a country? _________________

3. Which type of control relied on paternalism, providing for people’s needs but NOT their rights? _________________

4. Which type of control had made laws with a group that combined colonial official from the European country and local professionals? _________________

5. Which type of control expected local populations to assimilate, by picking up the language and other customs of the European controller? _______________ Indirect indirect Direct Direct Direct Read p. 345 + 347 Answer the First 2 Questions from your Interview. Remember, you are an African living under French control in West Africa. You might be as happy as these ladies look under imperial control. Read "Legacy of Colonial Rule" on p. 350
Write down...
... 5 Negative Effects of Colonial Rule
... 5 Positive Effects of Colonial Rule NOW... Answer your final 2 Interview Questions
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